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What can I do to make my man go crazy in bed?

Just curious

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  • Kiss his neck, ears. Nibble his ears a bit and his bottom lip. Tease him a little. Suck on his finger so he can imagine you sucking other things haha. Only if you're comfortable with this though. Try a new position?

    • Thanks the tips

What Guys Said 3

  • If you have to think what to do and ask others you're definitely not ready for any bed stuff. Those things should come naturally because if you do stuff you hear or read about it'll come across as fake and you'll be worst off than if you had done some little thing on your own.

  • act like a little good girl?

    • But I am a little good girl lol

    • Anything but that.

  • dont do anything let him do everything

What Girls Said 2

  • ask him what his fantasies are and perform them

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