Can you get pregnant from giving a bj?

i don't think you can but my friends says you can.


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  • i worried about the same thing when I gave my first bj but then I asked my mom and she said you couldn't and I believed her because if you can't believe your mom then who can you believe and I've given a few bj's and I havent' gotten pregnant. I hope I helped you

    • Your mom sounds so cool

    • Lol trust me she is... but sometimes maybe she's a little too cool

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  • NO

    (but you can get pregnant from the intercourse you eventually have after it, of course)

  • You really need smarter friends. Sperm in your vagina is the only way you can get pregnant. don't put any in, you don't get pregnant.

  • Any time semen and sperm are involved, there's a chance of pregnancy.

    If you're both naked and having oral sex, there's a _theoretical_ chance that some of the sperm might get you pregnant. The odds are very low -- such as if his semen got on her hand, and she masturbated afterwords -- but it's a possibility.

    I suspect you're far more likely to contact or transmit a disease, however.

  • the noly way that is possible is if he was superman, when his little buddies can swim for a week, and go through anything. if he's not then don't worry, if he is then be happy cuse ur kids are gona b amazing.

  • You age shows you're under 18 but I think your friends are under 14 based on their advice. STD's, Yeah! Pregnant, No!

    • Yea but I already new you can't but I wanted to ask so I can show her that you cant

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  • No. . . but you can still get some nasty STI's if you're not careful.

    • I'm curious, what are STI's ?

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      Sex ed.

    • Killy, STI's and STD's are virtually the same thing and they are seen expressed as both acronyms.

  • Um, no. Unless you give him a bj and decide he will come in an area near the vagina. No. Sperm cannot travel through your mouth and get you pregnant. Tell your friends this, please.

    But on the off chance that one of them does get pregnant by a bj, please remember it should be impossible, as you might have a really interesting scientific study on your hands. ;)

  • No quit listening to your friends

  • LOL! OMG, how young are you? Hon, no, you cant. Don't listen to your friends because they do not know what they are talking about. Sex happens between your legs wherea girl can get pregnant due to the guys semen. Your mouth is no where near close to getting your pregnant, not possible. That's y the guy should use a condom down there so you won't get pregnant.

  • No! How on earth would that even happen? Your throat NEVER connects in any way to your uterus. Don't worry about it. Some STDs can be passed that way, but pregnancy is really not an issue.

  • If you're blowing him with your vagina.

  • haha no.

  • no you can not get pregnant from giving a bj.

    however if you touched the sperm or even pre-cum and then touched yourself then there is a possibility of getting pregnant.

  • the only way you can get pregnant is if you was jerking him off the same time you were giving him a bj with your mouth and then you touched yourself down there with that hand and possibly fingered yourself , then yeah. you can get pregnant but it is not possible you can probably just get an std

  • you can't get pregnant but you can catch an std

  • No way! Didn't they teach this to you in health class?

  • only of his come goes in you like down south obviously, tell your friends to go to sex ed