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Drunk Men Vs Sober Men?

A lot of drunk men tell me that I am very attractive and a few drunk and sober guys have been interested in sexual relationships with me. However... Show More

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  • the thing is, many men are afraid of beautiful girls, they're intimidated by beautiful women cause they think they don't stand a chance with them.

    so as a defense mechanism, they ignore the pretty girl in order to hide that they find them attractive cause in reality, they're thinking about you naked the whole time.

    i my-self used to do this. and I've seen many men do it too.

    i have a homie who went so fat as to talk sh*t about the beautiful girl just to make it look like he's completely uninterested when he's really just angry inside that he can't have her.

    but he would never admit this, of course.

    i bet you are a cute girl, don't get down on your-self.

What Guys Said 8

  • "sober men...look quite uncomfortable around me."

    Maybe they think you are attractive, they just only have the balls to tell you that once they are drunk.

  • well it could either be beer goggles or that they are just less shy when drunk

  • It's possible. It sure sounds that way. We would need to do an experiment. Put you in a room with attractive men, have them rate your sex appeal sober, and then give them shots and see if it changes their opinion. I personally would like to volunteer for this experiment. :p

  • Unless you show yourself I cannot offer you my personal opinion...but...my guess would be that you ARE pretty and that males need alcohol to give them enuf courage to speak to u...

  • The drunk men who call you pretty, have they ever seen you while they were sober?

    • Some have yeah

    • Then no worries. ;)

  • Either beer goggles or Dutch courage, sounds more like the first

  • Drunk words = sober thoughts.

    They think you're attractive drunk or sober, but being drunk inhibits your decision making, so they don't feel as embarrassed to just come right out and tell you you're attractive.

What Girls Said 2

  • A sober guy is a lot less likely to throw a compliment around. This doesn't necessarily mean you are hot to sober guys, but it is quite possible that they are just shy without booze. I've definitely had way more drunk guys compliment me. I'm sure every girl has.

  • that's insulting lol

    sorry hun, but if men go out of their way not to look at you and avoid you and only tell you you're pretty when they're drunk, then you're probably not all that pretty.

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