Do you remember the first time you gave a bj, girls?

did you swallow or spit? and why?

was it what you expected?

where you excited, nervous?


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  • Well I think that's something you never forget. I was very excited about it. I was going through a time when I was really interested and eager to experience and learn more about sex, and I really liked this guy and kind of knew he'd want to, so we tried oral together on each other. It was so exciting, he got big and hard really fast and didn't warn me before he shot, which was pretty quick. It was right in the back of my throat and I swallowed it down before I knew it. I loved the whole thing and have been a big fan ever since. The relationship didn't last very long but I loved him for giving me that experience.


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  • We were hiking on a trail at a campground and we pretty much had it to ourselves. We weed grabbing at each other a lot and eventually went a few yards off the trail behind a tree and made out fir a loooong time and I just decided to go down on him lol..I got him really close but he didn't wanna risk getting any on me he didn't want any evidence so he finished himself :p I kinda wanted to do it tho..

  • I spit my first time, I was REALLY young, nervous, didn't know what to do or expect. I wAs way to shy to ask what he liked. Go on my page, you'll see that's no longer the case ;) haha

    • how old were you?

    • I was 13, I was talking an older guy, I've always been able to pass as older since I've always been considered extremely mature for my age. I kind of got talked into it, not really an excuse, but I think most first times were better than mine.

  • Yes I remember, I did swallow because like someone else already said he didn't say anything just started to cum- I did hold it all in my mouth until he finished which was a mistake. I guess it was what I expected, I remember thinking that it was really warm. I was worried and self-conscious the entire time, so yeah it was pretty awkward overall I'd say but oh well :o)

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      Sounds like he busted a lot

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      @kahnkang14 Hahaha yeahhh. Honestly it wasn't that bad, but def a new experience...

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      Like it didn't taste bad? Even though it was a lot of sperm sounds like you still managed to swallow most of it easy. Unsure if the consistency of it was an issue

  • I was nervous I'd do it wrong but once I got into it and could tell he was enjoying it, it made me want to do it more. Didn't swallow because we then had sex.I've swallowed once because I was interested to know what it was like but he didn't want me to just in case it wasn't enjoyable for me but I said I wanted to.

    Not swallowed since then because he stops me when he's close because he wants to come inside me.

  • Oh gosh.. The first time I was thinking, "Wow, he's so big, how am I gonna fit my mouth on that?!' Lol. Well, it went pretty easy.. although I wasn't at all ready when he came... it was like a flood and my eyes watered... but it was so much fun :)

  • I was totally scared. I'd only jerked a guy off once and it was in the dark so I didn't really know what I was getting into. When I pulled off his jeans he looked unbelievably huge. I had no idea how I could possibly fit anymore than the head in my mouth. It worked out OK though. It was a guy I'd grown up with and it was his first time too so he was patient and learning with me really. I still remember going up and down on him a few times and then stopping to ask if that felt good. I was afraid of getting anything in my mouth so I asked him to pull out when he was going to cum. He did, but I was a dumbass and still had my mouth open so some got in there. I gagged, but I think it was more because I wasn't ready for the idea of come than anything else.

  • Yes

  • I was excited... I think when you're in a loving relationship with someone it's great to explore your sexuality together, so I wasn't really nervous. I totally was no wimp: I swallow because I wanted to know what it was like... and was kind of surprised that I liked it... and I still do.

  • I was excited and nervous. It was more fun than I expected. I didn't swallow OR spit, because we didn't get a chance to actually finish. The first time we finished, I swallowed (messily, because he didn't warn me that he was coming, haha). I've never spit.

  • no. I repressed the memory.


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  • The first time I received one, I was driving my car, and the girl was in the passenger seat. Two other guys were sat in the back. All of a sudden she unbuckled my seat belt, unzipped me, pulled it out and started going for it. It was amazing! I didn't come, as we got to her house before we'd finished. I remember getting out of the car to kiss her goodbye - I was hard as a rock!