Why did his balls hurt?

My boyfriend and I made out recently at my place after which he headed back home. After he reached his house which is like 15mins away he tells me... Show More

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  • He was horny from making out and needed to have an orgasm to relieve the tension and calm himself down. Lots of guys say it hurts to get really turned on and then not have an orgasm and they call it blue balls. I myself personally have never felt physical pain from getting turned on and not having an orgasm but I admit it's very frustrating and I feel anxious and can't stop thinking about sex until I have an orgasm if that happens.

    • This is blue balls ^

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    • I guess you could call it blue balls but it doesn't hurt like a lot of guys say it does, it's mostly like a mental thing that just won't go away until I have an orgasm.

    • Oh..so you mean to say this "pain" is individualistic and not the same for every guy out there ?