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My ex boyfriend is too touchy feely when I see him, what does that mean?

my ex and I have been broken up for about a month because he said he needs his space...he said he wants to get back together but not anytime... Show More

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  • well, its not rocket science that he wants you back for sexual reasons. Does he do anything past that? does he call you and ask how your day was, how was school, etc?

    Learn to judge him a little bit better. Make sure you settle the reason for why you broke up in the first place, so it doesn't happen again.

    pick your boys wisely.

    • He was calling or txting me and he hasn't in the past few days...it seems like his friends are influencing us being together or not...he called me one night drunk and accidentally told me he loved me... I do understand the?c reasons we broke up now and told him I wuld b willing to work on things if he wuld and he said he wants to try again but just not right now ijust don't understand I did everything for hom and he said that I am the most amazing girlfriend neone culd ask for

    • second time is the charm. lol

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