How to get my girlfriend to take her bra off during sex?

My girlfriend has an incredible body. She's fit, moves well, etc., but when we have sex, she won't take her bra off. I'm a boob guy and it's really tough to stay turned on when only one of us is completely naked. I feel like there's a disconnect between us and it would be fixed if she had her bra off. I'm not sure why she won't take it off, but I need some advice on how to get there. I think she's very self conscious about them since she puts silicone inserts in her bras to make them bigger. What do I do?


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  • I'm guessing she has smaller boobs then so maybe that makes her self conscious...have you ever brought it up to her that you like her boobs just fine?

    if you have then as much as it sounds like you're pressuring her you need to just tell her exactly what you put here about feeling disconnected and how you're not completely enjoying yourself. If she cares I think she will give it a chance so that she can please you

    If she doesn't well then I say you move on to someone who can fulfill your sexual needs as harsh as it sounds. You just really need to let her know that it really bothers you and see how she reacts


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  • Ask her.

    If she doesn't want to get a new girlfriend that you don't have to force her to do something she doesn't want to for your benefit.

    As for inserts = insecurity. Could be, could not be. Some girls wear them because they aid in clothing like a fashion accessory.

  • I think she's either uncomfortable about them or not ready to let you play with them yet. I'd probably lean more towards the first option than the second, considering you both have already had sex. What I'd do if I were you is to start caressing her boobs with your fingers, then moving deeper into her cleavage. The first time my boyfriend did that, I really liked that he made his intentions clear so I took off my shirt and bra right away (I was wearing a low cut tank). I think that once you reach for her breast with enough insistance, you'll put your point accross pretty clearly so that she'll without a doubt react to it positively or not. If she's still not removing her bra by then, play with her bra straps, leaning them towards her shoulders without trying to take it off. I'm sure she'll know what you're expecting by doing just that.

  • During cowgirl, sit up and move her bra cup to the side and start kissing/licking/sucking on her nipple, that should turn her on and as she's got her bra on she shouldn't feel so insecure but you get to enjoy. Maybe doing this will make her realize how much you want and love her boobs and feels so good for her that she wants you to take the bra off and do more?

  • If she is insecure, reassure her that you love her body and just want to see all of it and feel close to her. Let her know that you love her breasts no matter what. But don't pressure her too much, because that will only make her feel uncomfortable, which won't help your case. Give her time.

  • Have you simply asked her to? Tell her how much you want her to and how much you like her boobs, I bet that'll help her feel less self-conscious :)

  • hmmm, I think you need to talk to her. Say something like, "Baby, I love your body so much. I just want to worship it, but how can I do that if you are all covered up?" I know it sounds silly, but it'll work. Just keep complimenting and praising her. Girls go through so much confidence issues.


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  • Alot of girls are the same, I've dated several who wouldn't take their bra off. It's fine with me I've never really been over obcessed with boobs. But they have to be very comfortable with you for one and you have to be good at giving compliments. Other ways can be to suggest things to take immediate focus from it. Ask her to take her bra off but she can stay under the sheets or you will turn the lights down if it makes her feel better about it. There's no real way to just make her come out and do it. You need to build up to that. My current girlfriend is shy about her body and I'm doing all sorts to bring her out of her shell abit. I'm not too fussed, I'd just like to see her be a bit more confident about herself!

  • hehehe simple, do what I did, take a shower or bath with her first before you have sex, she has to take it off then.

    If she still wears it during the shower, then she has a complex problem which can only be helped by a professional.

    Could it be that maybe you ever said something to her that made her feel self cautious about her boobs? some really positive comments about her boobs might loosen her up too, then go shower :)

  • My ex had quite big boobs and she said it would hurt her when they jiggle in many positions