How to get my girlfriend to take her bra off during sex?

My girlfriend has an incredible body. She's fit, moves well, etc., but when we have sex, she won't take her bra off. I'm a boob guy and it's really tough to stay turned on when only one of us is completely naked. I feel like there's a disconnect between us and it would be fixed if she had her bra off. I'm not sure why she won't take it off, but I need some advice on how to get there. I think she's very self conscious about them since she puts silicone inserts in her bras to make them bigger. What do I do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm guessing she has smaller boobs then so maybe that makes her self conscious...have you ever brought it up to her that you like her boobs just fine?

    if you have then as much as it sounds like you're pressuring her you need to just tell her exactly what you put here about feeling disconnected and how you're not completely enjoying yourself. If she cares I think she will give it a chance so that she can please you

    If she doesn't well then I say you move on to someone who can fulfill your sexual needs as harsh as it sounds. You just really need to let her know that it really bothers you and see how she reacts