What is it like eating out a fat girl's p****?

Im 164lbs and I have big thighs and I'm afraid to let my boyfriend eat me out just because I'm a little insecure about anyones head being down there. is it nasty? and how do I get more comfortable.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Since we're all being brutally honest and anon, I'll say ...

    I tend to prefer thinner girls.

    At 164 lbs, I'd still _enjoy_ eating you out.

    Since the other anon guy brought it up, you'd probably have to ask me to lick in back, and you'd need to be right out of the shower ... wheras a skinny girl with a tight little butt, I'd do it if she'd put up with it.

    Anyway, its not nasty. spread wide or pull your thighs up so nees are near chest, tidy things up a bit beforehand, and enjoy.