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How do I be more aggressive/rough in bed??

so my boyfriend just told me that he likes it when I'm more aggressive in bed like digging my nails into him and biting his ear. he likes it when I... Show More

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  • Same anon, just bored and thought I'd just post moreYou don't need to really be kinky just forward in sex and want to do it moreRipping his clothes offSo kissing him and working your way down his chest to his d*** and sucking himGiving him a morning bj shows your dominant(morning cowgirl sex would be heaven though)Sitting on his face and make him give you oral(probably the hottest thing)Trying new things like chocolate body paint, toys, whips

    • ive actually done all of that except for the chocolate body paint, toys, and whips. lol so maybe ill give that a go.

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  • Ride him hard, press your self to get his P deeper you have to be on top and just thrust it back and worth hard not up and down. Just be wild you know, have fun don't think about it to much, this is what X Girlfriend did and she told me. If it is to hard or whatever he will tell you or vice verso you can tell him. other than that don't think about it to much just do it.

  • Squeeze his face and spit in his mouth and try to lick it back out. Then SLAP!

  • Bite his neck, chest, lipSlap his face, junk, spank himPull his hands to your breasts, ass forcefullyCowgirl but be more dominant and hold him down with itBlindfold, handcuffsSlutty dirty talk involving a lot of swear words

    • Just adding it in playing with his nipples, strapon in his ass, pull his hair(feels kinda nice for me)More forceful in pushing him on the bed and just sucking him off like you really 'want him' should show that

    • youre very helpful. thank you so much! I will def try pretty much everything you suggested. lol thanks again!

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