How big is your labia minora?

mine is like 2 inches long, it looks disgusting & I hate them :( I'm just wondering what other girls look like? and would a guy be freaked out by my ugly beef curtains?


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  • That's on the high side of normal, but not outside normal range, from what I've read.

    I wouldn't be freaked out. I'd be trying to figure out what new moves I could do with them.

    I bet nuzzling the head of a penis between them before penetration would feel gooood.


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  • A flower is beautiful, no matter how long it's petals are. No one takes a ruler and measures the dimensions of a flower before buying it. It just looks good to the eye in it's natural state.

  • Beef curtains. A girl actually says that? Assuming those really are beef curtains and not a sausage down there long ones can be very erotic to look at and fun to play with during oral sex. They are not disgusting or ugly

  • Is this the next size fad?

  • 2 inches, but in which direction? It can mean by the beginning of the body till where them ending. But it can also mean the distance between clitoris and the vagina opening/entry. The first one I call this the heigth, the other one the length. (it`s a little bit difficult to explain, what I mean, so I am not sure, if you have understand me really)

    • Vagina opening to the end of the labia minora.

  • I honestly don't care so don't worry! :)

  • Clean is the most important

  • i happen to prefer outies, although you will never catch me complaining about an innie unless its not clean... that's the most important thing

  • Most guy real don,t care what size a woman,s labia is it what guys what to get in to in the first place. Guy what get between your legs, so don,t get all worked up over what size or how your labia is


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  • Nothing weird or uncommon about what you have. My vulva is all innie, but I have been with girls who are like you! I would have to guess that there are as many girls with outies as there are with innie's so don't fret.

    It will never ever be an issue with a guy, in fact some guys prefer what you have over the way I am because those lips are fun to play with.

  • I'm straight turning bi curious more these days but I like this type on a girl in the porn I watch mostly lesbian)
    I have an "outie" altho I have not measured my lips. Guys like to suck mine though I always get oral. Pm me if u want to compare yours to mine lol

  • Mind's on here somewhere: link

    I've never measured my Kitty lips, but, they're mine & natural & I don't really mind them. You shouldn't either.

    A guy who truly cares for you will not care.

    • *mine...I'm not typing well I guess this morning...or gag is messing w/me.

    • Very true SweetFace27!

      People who truly care don't even consider such things! (Good thing too I say) ;-)

      Best regards,