He pulled out but could I still be pregnant?

I made a very stupid mistake. I got drunk and lead this guy on, we had a one night stand but when he tried to put himself inside of me I told him to get a condom, in fact I pleaded, and he said he knew what he was doing - that he'd pull out. I rejected a couple more times but ultimately submitted because my head wasn't clear and he was strong.

I felt him pull out like he said he would, but he tried to take me home soon after. He pulled over and got on top of me, so we had sex again. I'm so scared, I feel like he took advantage of me.but could I be pregnant? This happened like six days ago, two days after my period.

This has seriously made me scared of having any form of sex again.

I just started dating someone I really like and it's hard for me to even cuddle with him.

I used Douche the morning after and I just recently read that using it can push sperm even further up you vagina and increase your chances of being impregnated.


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  • yes there is the potential for not only pregnancy but for stds. It should be known while it is likely, that the small window right after a woman has her period does lessen the chances of pregnancy . also, did you cum? if so, it is more likely that you will get pregnant. I am not a doctor, but I would highly recomend you stick to your guns from now on, do NOT let a guy get his way, get tested for stds and pregnancy as soon as you can and good luck. hopefully everything is ok, and you will have learned from a mistake that many have made

    • I don't think I came at all (at least not while having sex). I was very drunk afterward when I got home and did not notice anything. Yes I will be sticking to my guns from now on. Thanks!


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  • Yes, you could be pregnant. espically because you had sex twice, meaning that there was still come from the first orgasim inside his penis when he started sex the second time.

    You have 5 days after sex to take the emergency contraception pill. I think you're still in the time zone to take it, so I would strongly advise you to go RIGHT NOW to planned parent hood. And I mean right now, stop reading this post and sart running.

    Also you have put your self at risk of every std there is, HIV, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Herpes the list goes on.

    So when you're guy said "he knew what he was doing" he was talking piss.

    The important think to do now is get to planned parenthood, (or your doctor in anyother country of the world) and get sortted. If you have work, phone in sick, if you are at work or school just leave. But go to planned parent hood as quckly as possible.

    • It's been 6 days since...

      maybe closer to 7, but I will call planned parenthood right away, hopefully they will give me something to terminate any sign.

  • Yes, there is the chance that you could be impregnated. There are variables such as when in your cycle it was and so forth but pulling out (with perfect timing, which I can tell you.is difficult) is only 70% or so effective and that's with all the variables perfect. Precum, or any seminal fluid has some sperm in it.

  • Any unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy. Any. At all.

    P.S.: If a guy doesn't get a condom when asked, get dressed, and leave.

  • well to be honest just to get pregnant things must be almost prefect in your body. the vagina is very acidic which is what pre cum(also know as odd formed sperm) you must be ovulating and also if your temperature isn't right the chances also decrease now I'm not saying run out and ave unprotected sex a lot but I wouldn't worry to much in less you mix your next period.


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  • Unfortunately, you can be pregnant.

    But if you had your period two days before it isn't likely you are, unless you have a irregular cycle. Most menstrual cycles are about every 28 days, beginning on the day you started your period. In the middle of your 28 day cycle, around the 14th day, is when you should ovulate. 5 days before ovulation and 1 day after is around the time you can get pregnant. So, if it was only 2 days after your period, I would say you were safe. But that is only if your cycle is regular.

    I'm sorry that happened to you and I hope you would be safer with yourself in the future.

    Good luck.

    • That is good to hear, I've been so scared...

      my cycle is somewhat regular, I used to skip months but it hasn't been so often in recent months.

  • First, I think you need to be honest with this guy you just recently started dating. Mayeb your feeling guilty about what had happen and distancing yourself from this new founded guy. Second, as soon as it happen you should have went to the doctor and asked for the morning after pill. But I think its a bit late for that. However, I think you are safe. I do not think you are or will be pregnant. See your most fertile time is the week or so before your period, that's why you have a period to dispose of the egg if not fertilized. So, having sex right after your period I do believe you are safe and not going to be pregnant. However, your not going to know for another 7-14 days. take apregnant test to be sure.

  • Well if your periods are regular. I don't think you are pregnant. You can still get pregnant if a guy pulls out. Prior to ejaculating a clear liquid comes out containing some sperm.