Do men ever stick their penises into random things?

Like if a guy is hard, does he ever just stick his stuff into a glass of water, or bowl of jello, etc?


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  • LOL I would if I had a penis.

    • exactly, so would I. I don't understand why so many guys on here say they haven't done anything fun like that. I guess you don't realize what you've got until it's gone, lol.

    • I guess it's just a body part to them. BUT IT'S MAGICAL, GUYS. You can do so many things with it, haha.

    • like what?

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  • I can't say that I have, no. I've always been too focused on sticking it in women to worry about sticking it in anything else... :)

  • Hell no. We're not Jason Biggs.

  • A glass of water? Hahaha!

    No, but I do like anons back pocket answer, made me chuckle.

  • umm I don't think I ever have, I tried in those gatorade bottles before, but theyre really skinny its hard to find something that's a good fit so I stick with gals =P and my hand

  • Oh, all the time

  • When I was a kid, yeah. But now it's just stupid.

  • I haven't since like 3rd grade lol, when I put it in a bowl of water because it rubbed on my underwear and like yeah, I was just ignorant at the time :o

  • I heard a proverb once

    A woman for duty

    A man for fun

    But for ecstasy a ripe watermelon


  • I have the urge to sometimes but nothing around me ever seems worthy enough to actually do it lol

  • Um... not that I remember... real life isn't like American Pie.

  • one time I tried to f*** a bee hive

  • girls such thing as random..whatever we stick our junk in to has a reason and thought you stick random twigs and apple cores up your vaginas?

    • dudes, dudes, whatever I stick in my vagina is pure magic & none other

  • sadly, there are not many objects that are sexually gratifying for our penises. you women have it better when it comes to self-gratification =]

  • When I was 12, I tried sticking it in a cold glass of water. And let's not forget the big teddy bear trick.

  • cum sry lol

  • i peed and shot my come in stuff but to just stick it into stuff no I did not

  • no... but I actually can't make fun of your question because I actually tried to stick it in a water bottle. it didn't work though

  • what for? A glass of water is not gunna get me off hahahaha

    • Just for curiosity purpsoses, if I had a penis, I'd put myself into random things just for fun.

    • hahaha okay. I can tell you it wouldn't do much

  • Some of us might have tried a few things as horny curious teenagers. But now the idea is really stupid and most objects have no sex value.

  • i put it in my girls back pocket when she is not looking

  • LOL no


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  • why of course ;) just like how they love to accessorize them

  • LOL I love this question.

    • thanks, I don't know why I got such a low rating.

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    • Dont make me rub it on the screen lol

    • LMAO retard

  • hahahahahhha

    • interesting !

  • Do you ever stick randon things into your vagina?