That noise when a guy's balls are slapping against a girl's clit. Is that hot?

Or is it annoying? I was making love with my girlfriend last night and when we did doggy that's all we were both hearing haha. Is it annoying to you or do you even notice?

Sorry if this is really graphic, I'd just thought I'd ask.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love when a guy's balls slap my p**** or chin while he's pumping my p**** or mouth during sex.

    I knew someone who used a ball stretcher so his balls would hang lower and swing more, and his balls used to slap me really good. Sometimes we'd do it while he was wearing the ball stretcher and they'd be stretched tight against his skin so I could literally lick his balls like an ice cream cone while he masturbated and blasted his load all over my face.

    I love a good pair of balls, the lower hanging the better. I love sucking balls, licking balls and slapping them back and forth so they swing. So hot.