That noise when a guy's balls are slapping against a girl's clit. Is that hot?

Or is it annoying? I was making love with my girlfriend last night and when we did doggy that's all we were both hearing haha. Is it annoying to you or do you even notice?

Sorry if this is really graphic, I'd just thought I'd ask.


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  • I love when a guy's balls slap my p**** or chin while he's pumping my p**** or mouth during sex.

    I knew someone who used a ball stretcher so his balls would hang lower and swing more, and his balls used to slap me really good. Sometimes we'd do it while he was wearing the ball stretcher and they'd be stretched tight against his skin so I could literally lick his balls like an ice cream cone while he masturbated and blasted his load all over my face.

    I love a good pair of balls, the lower hanging the better. I love sucking balls, licking balls and slapping them back and forth so they swing. So hot.


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  • I like it, lol. Something hot and animalistic about it. And of course it feels great, so that overrides any potential awkwardness for me. Balls are great. =D At the very least, we just get a little giggle out of it, haha.

  • Haha that's a funny question... ummm, yeah it's hot. It feels good too, ha ha :o)

  • Hanging, swaying and slapping balls are awesome! Esp with sound :-)

  • So hot!

  • I love hearing it too! It turns me on more

  • Well at least u got some last night lmimp well nothing wrong with tht I think its hot. if it bothers u put on some light music next time. bt she shdnt mind

  • One of the best feelings in life, omg. Experienced For the 1st time and I'm mid 30's and have done doggystyle but they never hit clitoris.
    I just may marry this man!

  • Extremely hot !

  • Er, they don't quite reach my clit, but regardless, the slapping sound is usually just silly to me. If I'm insanely horny, it can be hot. Never annoying, though.

  • I love men's balls, I want to eat them for breakfast.


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  • Unless you're doing her upside down or some backwards way, your balls won't be hitting her clit. Just sayin...

    • Im hung pretty good bro.

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    • Even doggy style, her clit isn't down where his balls are. Have YOU had sex? The smacking is the sound of her ass against his hips or waist. Fill your brain up before you shoot your mouth off.

    • I have it often and it hits my vagina so I don't know what the hell kind of sex you have :s ... Awkward..

  • ... wannabe p*rn writers lol

  • Best answer turns me on hahaha :)

  • one of the benefits of being average and not bottoming out, going all the way in

  • it turns me on for some reason, I like the sound of her booty smacking against my favorite region it just sounds hot