Girls would you date a man who was castrated?

Well roughly five almost six years ago I was in a very bad dirty bike accident which in the new left me castrated. I really have no balls physical down there. I have always ever since then thought that girls would find it very weird, however I would like to start dating some day and maybe even get marry.

Girls would you care if a man was castrated?

Also would you have sex with a man who was castrated? And, if so would you find it weird that he did not have any balls down there?

I'm sorry to ask, but I have always wondered if I would ever be able to find a girl who I would be willing to marry be knowing I have no balls and cannot produce children.


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  • I know I wouldn't have a problem with that. I don't want kids, so that wouldn't be a problem. And yes, it probably looks a little weird, but honestly, I wouldn't care if you're a good guy and cares about me. By the time I would see 'down there' I would hope that I would care about you enough to look past it. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but make sure you let a girl know before it gets serious, and be prepared for a lot of girls to be bothered by it, at least the inability to have kids part. Good luck, try not to worry about it too much.

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      The sad part is one day I would have liked to been able to have children. This does make me jealous sometimes.

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      there are still other options, you could seek a sperm donor or something like that. Then there's always adoption. It's definitely a difficult situation, but there are always options, you just have to be patient