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In self defense could a guy take a girl squeezing and yanking at his testicles?

Ive been taking a self defense class and all the other girls say if you have the chance to grab and squeeze the males testicles and he would be done... Show More

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  • I know this is a really old question, but I just wanted to share my experience and explain what would really work...

    I recently competed in a mixed gender kick-boxing competition where a strike to the balls was allowed and guys were not allowed to wear any protection (protective cups etc) at all. I was competing against a girl and was winning comfortably on points going into the very last round, but with like seconds to go, I lost concentration and ended up facing the girl with my legs wide apart, so she literally ran up and kicked me in the balls as hard as she possibly could to win!

    I immediately screamed out in shock, fell to the floor and was just rolling around screaming in absolute agony while the girl celebrated her win! A lot of the girls watching in the audience were laughing and cheering too! What made it worse was that my girlfriend was sat watching on the very front row and of course she was horrified!

    I would not wish that pain on anyone and my balls were very bruised and swollen for at least a week! It was excruciatingly agonising! :o(

    • I have NEVER heard of guys not allowed to wear cups. In our DOJO and every competition, cups are mandatory. Guys testicles are vulnerable to serious injury. The match organizers would be sued if something like that happened and a guy ended up in a hospital.

    • Thanks for your comment on my answer. I have read your other comments and I can assure you this 'story' is very true, unfortunately! This was the only competition I've ever competed in where guys weren't allowed to wear cups. I only entered on the assumption that no girl would ever kick a guy in the balls to win a fight! How wrong was I!! I did end up in hospital, worst pain ever and really severe bruising and swelling, but fortunately no surgery required and my balls did fully heal eventually!

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  • Keep your guard up while you do it.

    You'd take the most prejudiced haymaker ever to the face as soon as you did it.
    You've gotta be ready.

  • It would depend on the ssituation. if you were fast accurate and went animal very quickly then you might be right about being done for. Otherwise you might be worse off. I had a bad experience back in high school, part my fault but not all, where I ended up naked with a nasty girl grabbing and wrenching my testicles. Even the other girls watching were telling her to stop. As you said, I was done for. In my case I was naked so beside vicious kicks she could get a solid hold on "things". If I was not naked I doubt she could have done it and the fight might have gone differently. It hurt now just remembering it. It sucked back then.

  • unless it was a great hit..its gonna make em even madder..and that is not good for females in general

  • I was at a party over Christmas, and about an hour in I noticed a guy curled up in the hallway looking very sorry for himself. I assumed he was just drunk and left him alone as did everyone else. About two hours later I noticed that he was still there, so I sat down beside him and asked if he was OK. He told me that he had had an argument with his girlfriend and that she had grabbed one of his testicles and refused to let go while squeezing it. she had then walked off, leaving him in agony on the floor. At this point it had been over three hours since she had done this to him, and he was still in agony!

    I have occasionally squeezed my boyfriend's testicles during a playfight and it seems to be agonising for him, so what this chap went through must have been awful. If this episode is anything to go by then I can confirm that this would definitely work in a self-defence situation.

    • I don't believe this story. Sounds like some guy victim fantasy or something.
      Ok we have rape fantasies too but I would never write about it as if it were true. My BF just ties me up sometimes.

    • 2mo

      This story is bullshit.

  • my cousin just 17 years old girl.. one day we was wrestling cuz she like that and she feel that im gonna win she grabbed my balls and she start to squeeze.. i felt extreme pain and i was helpless and beg her to stop squeezing and let me go.

  • bullsh*t. A guy is expecting you to do that, and most guys are stronger than you. You will probably not get a good grip, anyway. Hitting him in the balls is not effective either, because the pain usually takes about 5 seconds to really set in. In that time, he can hurt you.

    If you MUST hit a guy in a confrontation, I would suggest the heel of your hand right into the tip of his nose. The nose is very easy to break and the bleeding will be profuse. The pain is excruciating and the mess will probably make him run away.

    The best thing to do is to run away. Don't attempt to fight a man.

  • If you had a guaranteed shot go for it, squeeze, yank and dig your nails in and twist all really hard then run, if you don't have a good grip he'll get mad, if you have one or both well he's going to need enough time for you to get a good head start on your escape.

  • Depends on what the dude is wearing. If you grab for my bulge in my jeans, It won't bother me that much, and I'll still be able to do whatever I want. If you really got a hold of my junk in basketball shorts, then you might be able to stop me.

  • It would work but you would struggle to get hold of his johnson...a guy friend tried to grab me down there one time, completely out of the blue. He gripped the ting briefly, but I managed to stop his hand and pull it off, a reflex move. lol

  • If you could actually grab them... yes. You'd be lucky to pull it off though. Depending on the pants he's wearing. The way he's probably already dominating the fight. And if you go for it and miss... and he figures out what you were trying to do.. expect his aggression to go through the roof. Just so you know.

    But if you got em in your hands he'll be a quivering mess on the ground and take quite a while to recover.

  • If you ever do that make sure he stays down are your in big trouble

  • Definitely not, especially if she has a proper grab... speaking through experience when attending a self defence class.

  • If you are being attacked, a swift kick to that area would be best. I doubt he'd let you get your hands on them and if he notices you going for them, things probably won't be going your way. If he is really determined to cause harm, a ball attack will hinder him but not necessarily stop him (depending on how hard the kick and how solid the contact was), so an immediate escape is also recommended.

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  • Yeah but that's off limits. You can't do that at all. Advanced Black Belts can ball kick and it's considered a point.
    Girls that attack guys weak areas like that are just plain stupid. The guy could seriously end up in the hospital.
    I kicked a guy just by accident (I was only 14 or so and he was like 22) and he had to be driven home. He never once came back to my DOJO. Guys are embarrassed by that especially if it's from a girl
    Don't do it!

  • I squeezed a guys balls once. He dropped to his knees & just said "oh please, oh please" about 20 times. LOL! When I let-go he stayed down & I just left him there. ha

    So, I'd say he'll say uncle.

    • Holy crap that's hardcore.

    • 2 of my female friends who were attacked didn't squeeze, but they distracted their attackers by showing them their panties and bra before kicking them in the balls.

      Hope this helps.

    • Well, I hope you had some good reason.

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