Am I the only girl here who sneaks into the mens locker room at school and watches all the naked males?

I admit it, I'm creepin a bit. What I do is before all the sports players after school come into shower (I play volleyball so the practice ends 30 minutes before the others) Is I sneak into the mens locker room and get into a locker no one uses that has a good sight of all the showers. Its sexy as hell to see all those naked wrestlers walk around with there big balls hanging out. :)

Ive never benn caught, or have said anything to my friends about it, but sometimes I get really horny from all the d***s and pull down my pants a little and you know... ;]

I know I'm not the only girl that has at least tried this. So anyone here gonna confess? :)


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  • uh wow. What if someone opened up a locker and found you in there? What would you do? What would you say? And how the HELL could you ever explain yourself? I'd do it just for the laughs and I might even record it, but I'd be too scared that I'd get caught.

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      well, I could just say my friends dared me to walk in, and then they all jumped me and stuck me in a locker. I wanted to get out but all of the wrestlers came in and I didn't want to be embarressed.

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      Haha that's actually believable.