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Girls: can you get wet enough to completely soak through ur panties?

Girls: can you get wet enough to completely soak through ur panties? Because I was with this girl and we were getting reallly into it. I was... Show More

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  • yea.its natural lubricant.the more you're aroused the vagina secretes fluids to help make things slippery and easier to slide in.

    ive fantasized and felt it drip.its involuntary you can't control it.

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  • Not usually, but I think I probably have.

    • I wnt to yors.........

    • What?

  • Yeah, all the time.

  • I'd say the answer is a resounding "yes". Most, if not all, girls get wet enough to soak through a piece of material.

  • Yes!

  • Yeah with a garden hose when you run around in the yard in summer. Do you get wet when you write yer crap? heh?

  • Sure can! The longer and better the foreplay the wetter I can get. And the wetter I get, the darker and larger the wet patch on my drawers! It can be embarrassing but, I must admit, the few guys that have discovered this tattletale spot, the more turned on they get. Turns out that it's all good!

  • hell yeah if forplay good them my panties are goint o be soaked but be happy that her panties was soaked cause you was doing something rite

  • believe me, squirters/gushers exist, and even though it's supposed to be natural lubricant, it can start a cycle of arousal.. she gets wet, turning you on; as you get turned on, she gets wetter; etc..
    if it helps to know, i know someone who can soak jeans.. so it's possible

    • My gf soaked her jeans yesterday

  • haha,i'll be honest yea

  • Yeah. It's kind of annoying to me, but my boyfriend loves it. It shows that a girl has no problems getting aroused.

  • YEs. it gets to be problematic sometimes! I've actually been so wet a few times that it even soaked through my pants but not too bad. but it doesn't usually happen that often for me

    • wow!! you have even wetted your pants!
      In my opinion I think it is very exciting!!
      I've always liked to find a girl so wet!

  • and she

    jizzed in her pants.

    • Going to need a clean up on aisle 3

  • Yess! Surprisingly it not that hard.lol.its uncontrollable if you get turned on enough!

    • a girl in my p. e class will randomly get wet and you can see it through her yoga pants and it's such a turn on. that was until she seen me looking and hit me in the balls.

  • its possible I've had it happen it feels okay for a few minute then its like wtf
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