How do I get in a virgin girls pants?

Long story short I have been asking this question for a while!

I want a virgin girl because I am a virgin and want to lose it to a virgin. An equal and hopefully fulfilling long term partner, BTW for me an equal can't have prior experience, because I don't and that wouldn't be equal. No Exceptions!

I need step by step instructions on how to approach an attractive girl (no Girlfriend since birth) and how to find out if she is a virgin. And how to get some action that my body wants after dating her for a year. Yes a year, because I want more than just sex and I refuse to use a pure respectable woman just for my desires.

So feel free to give me a concise opinon, but only if your detailed tips or ideas to solve my problem, approaching a girl, getting her interested, and finding out if she is a virgin.


BTW, I like long haired, girls with nice feminine features, with but don't care for breasts, some similar interests are a must, Christianity too, and being perverted. I like Martial Arts, Anime, And Exploring New Things. I guess you can best describe me as a guy that looks like a fun slacker, despite the philosophy and hard work that is a part of me few people see.

And yes being single and experienceless for 21 years super sucks!

Thanks In Advance.

Virgin Pirate!

And number 2 priority is pleasing her, number 1 is finding her!

Why virgin pirate, I'm scruffy like one, have swords, and hair like one. Girls say I am hansome, but in this unfair world we men have to do all the approaching!


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  • Well, it's not true that men have to do all the approaching- If you're "approachable" girls would want to come to you. But since you mentioned you're like a pirate, my number one suggestion is to refine yourself because girls appreciate clean-cut men. Unless the girl's a scruffy pirate herself, then whatever.

    And it's hard to give detailed steps because girls aren't robots that you can easily figure out from reading a manual - you have to work on socializing and being comfortable with yourself. Although it's cliche to say, it's true you have to be confident with yourself because it totally shows in your swagger. And quite frankly, from what you wrote, I feel you're the kind of guy who's very opinionated so you really have to work hard on your social skills because not everybody wants an Anal Andy as a friend. And no girl wants that as a boyfriend-

    Oh and yes please, PLEASE change your mentality/intentions because that's a downright turn off and we can totally sense that in guys. I suggest you look for friends first before you dive into the dating world because that might just be too hard for you to handle.

    So anyway, since you need to find the girl first-

    1. Clean yourself up. Sure you can be a slacker but you shouldn't look like one. The biggest turn off is a guy who looks like he doesn't believe in soap and water.

    2. Join Clubs and do social events that pertain to your interests. I can tell bars or clubs aren't your thing- so socialize in Church or find an Anime club. Most especially an Anime club. Maybe a Japanese club- I don't know. There are places to go, you just have to search it online or something. Since you say your into martial arts, hang around in your dojo/dojang/gym or something. By now you should have a group of friends there-

    3. Don't be afraid to say Hi to a girl. Just practice saying Hi- or start small talk. Don't expect that every girl is your potential mate. The first step is to make friends- Also refrain from talking philosophical things to a person you just met. Anything that is highly personal and dives into deep beliefs is creepy and uncomfortable- unless your in a philosophy club/class.

    Anyway, I just have to say that your message is very contradicting and disturbing. Your best bet is to try or that one christian dating site.


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  • You shouldnt just try to find some girl to lose your virginity to. What you don't seem to understand is that to a girl, losing her virginity is a big thing. You should seriously love the girl and not just be doing it because you think its time you lost your virginity. That's just an immature way to look at it.

    • No I don't want to hurt a girl, if she's a virgin I won't pressure her and won't bang her unless I seriously want to be with her. But if she's not then there was no point to having waited and I wouldn't be able to settle for just her as the only person I bang when she has had others.

  • You'll find one if you search. Think about what qualities then would a virgin girl want or any girl for that matter want from a man and try to change/ adjust yourself accordingly if need be. Some basic things, being polite, being well groomed, etc to approach a girl you are interested in her.

    Relationships are complicated and from experience, rarely do you end up with 100% of what you want, but that is because you haven't been in the right places or you may have to re-assess yourself in terms of how you appear when you approach a girl you like. If you're only into a girl for her virginity then it won't work, but you sound like that isn't the case.

  • lol yeah you hafta 2 find her first lol

    im a virgin

    n I never knew a guy who was a virgin lol

    so you may meet her on here =)

  • Hm. First step is indeed finding her.

    You can never tell if a girl is truly a vigin or not unless you hear it straight from her and you trust her enough to say the truth.

    It's a shame that the first thing you tell us is that you're interested in sex, but you redeemed yourself by giving a year to date her. You have to keep in mind that she might not be ready within that year. Would you still wait for her?

    If you see a girl that you find attractive, whatever the setting determines your approach. (If you are at a bar/club/party/social-shinbang, casually walk up to her and introduce yourself. Do NOT catch her eye and make a straight line towards her-- this might freak her out and she will think of an excuse to go away by the time you get to her.) (If you're in class or at work, you can be more friendly and less formal. Casual hellos everyday is a good start, eventually leading up to conversations during lunch break or pairing up as lab partners.)

    Now keep in mind.. The girl of your dreams won't just walk past you. She won't be standing by the punch bowl at your party. She won't be hanging with her friends watching Bleach in your dorm-room lobby. Not until you find her at least, and damn, that's going to take a lot of effort. Look high, look low, search hard. Good luck.

  • I think the reason why you've been single and experienceless for 21 years is because you think finding the woman of your dreams will happen like clockwork.

    If you guys aren't compatible, or not meant to be, it's not gonna happen & you can't force it.

    Date around, ask your guy friends if they know any single girls. If you're religious, maybe you'll meet someone at church. Although I found it odd that "Christianity" and "perverted" were in the same sentence.

    Oh, and it's not a good idea to just ask a girl straight-up if she's a virgin. She'll probably be offended and think sex is all you're after. Maybe after a couple of dates, you can ask. Since sex is bound to come up in conversation eventually.

    Not saying it's impossible, but it will be hard to find someone around your age that's still a virgin. My boyfriend & I lost our virginities to each other, but we met when we were 15 (Note: We didn't have sex until we were 17).

    • I know it was very odd about the christianity and perverted in the same but I guess I know people like that lol

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  • Find an uptight religious girl, marry her, and get used to having sex only when she wants to procreate...

  • I f***ing raged. I hope you DIAF.

    • I hope you try and make that happen so your ass is handed to you on a stick

    • I don't think so, because pirates<ninjas.

    • Are less than ninjas.

  • dude it happens or it doesn't .. you shoudn't lose lose you're virginity to just anyone and the girl won't do it either... losing virginity for a girl is a very bi g thing and there is a lot more stress on them when it comes to the first time... if you just want to date a girl to have sex, they will know . they can feel it when you act around them. Change your thought of thinking and try to find the girl that will satisfy you in other aspects of a relationship other than sex. when you find then maybe one thing will lead to another but sex is just a small percentage of a relationship. By personnal experience, a relationship based on sex doesn't work

  • Don't be desperate, that's a turn off ! btw I STRONGLY suggest you read Dr. Brian G. Gilmartin's book , Shyness and Love ,how to overcome it... link will REALLY help you understand what's wrong with you because it's not normal for men to be this way.

  • who cares about virginity I lost mine to a hooker when I was 13 years old :)

  • this is the dumbest questions i've seen so far on girlsaskguys... yet i respect what you've said... but your like asking a man... how to be a man. when you do come to a point of being intimate you will know... and what you are asking could be kinda like... doctor telling telling his patient hummm... i have no clue what medicine i need to prescribe to you... yet he knows the symptoms. sorry but... be a man... like how god created us to be. =t