Why do black men get a rep for being sexual gods?

I am a black woman, I prefer non black men...i don't get why women think black men are sexual gods or something. I personally think the sex is horrible. I prefer white men, its more wild and they actually like pleasing the woman...its just not me always giving oral sex and not getting reciprocation. lol I know this will be deleted, but hell its my opinion. With my 2 past white boyfriend, the sex was wild, sponatenous and exciting...both of us aimed to please each other...black men just only want to be pleased and its whack.

UPdate" well I guess its what you prefer...i found that most black men hate recipriating oral sex , etc...but if you are a woman who hates oral sex and loves giving it all the time, I guess this would be grat sex for you...but penetration does nothing for me, I love the closeness it provides but if you wanna please me , you gotta know how to use your tongue...guess that's why other races appeal to me more
big penises also doesn't do anything for me because ia m so small and tight...it would more likely just be painful...again I guess it depends on the wants of the woman


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  • Every person is an individual, no two people are alike :D

    I don't really like how people tend to associate people into distinctive groups, it doesn't quite work that way, we are all different no matter if we share the same similarity of race as someone else, there isn't any further relation or affiliation you should hold with that person imo.

    I think black girls are fine though just to ass :P

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      woops I mean't *just to ADD*

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      yeah! :) although culture plays a bigger part imo, an italian white acts different than a spanish white, british and greek one. Same with south africans to kenyans, US etc

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      Yep - culture = those subtle differences