Why do black men get a rep for being sexual gods?

I am a black woman, I prefer non black men...i don't get why women think black men are sexual gods or something. I personally think the sex is horrible. I prefer white men, its more wild and they actually like pleasing the woman...its just not me always giving oral sex and not getting reciprocation. lol I know this will be deleted, but hell its my opinion. With my 2 past white boyfriend, the sex was wild, sponatenous and exciting...both of us aimed to please each other...black men just only want to be pleased and its whack.

UPdate" well I guess its what you prefer...i found that most black men hate recipriating oral sex , etc...but if you are a woman who hates oral sex and loves giving it all the time, I guess this would be grat sex for you...but penetration does nothing for me, I love the closeness it provides but if you wanna please me , you gotta know how to use your tongue...guess that's why other races appeal to me more
big penises also doesn't do anything for me because ia m so small and tight...it would more likely just be painful...again I guess it depends on the wants of the woman


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  • Every person is an individual, no two people are alike :D

    I don't really like how people tend to associate people into distinctive groups, it doesn't quite work that way, we are all different no matter if we share the same similarity of race as someone else, there isn't any further relation or affiliation you should hold with that person imo.

    I think black girls are fine though just to ass :P

    • woops I mean't *just to ADD*

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    • yeah! :) although culture plays a bigger part imo, an italian white acts different than a spanish white, british and greek one. Same with south africans to kenyans, US etc

    • Yep - culture = those subtle differences

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  • Black guys, not your thing, gotcha.

    I don't quite get the point, however, of answering a set of stereotypes with another set of stereotypes. Why not just say "Every guy is who he is and does what he does, different from all others" and leave it at that?

  • Black guys are more athletic. They can do a 360 windmill dunk in your vagina.

  • Your not black lier..

  • Hype? Self promotion?

  • i like how you say "its whack"

    its just hype they most of the time give them-selves.

    but I honestly don't think you should just give up on black men all together.

    just find a considerate black guy who will f*** you like those white guys.

    its not a racial thing.

    • oh that's not why I don't date them, I am just not attracted, but I was pointing out common complaints of my girlfriend both white and black

    • o alright then. coo.

    • its funny that you call this a hit haha. its only got 14 answers. I wouldn't call it a hit till it has at least 20

      come on now.

  • stereotyping from p*rn I guess

  • You just pick wack black huys. And everyone thinks black guys are good in bed because of p*rn.

    • u can't tell me that most black men won't give head

    • I'm half black. I'll do whatever my girl needs me to do. Black guys in general. Idk

  • one word. Mandingo.

  • Black men aren't sex Gods. There is no such thing as a sex God. Because GOD doesn't have pleasure in the legs of a man. In the ancient times Greeks were referred as Sex Gods for being handsome and well built.
    Now Black men were oppressed and were treated so bad by the people all over the world till the late 19th century. They went on to become wonderful Christians. Even now there are thousands of beautiful colored Christians.
    The only way to deceive these black men was to make the most beautiful white women get interested in them. The Jews in p*rn industry started this myth of Big Black Cock and it reaped millions of dollars for them. The white women were drawn into this deceit and are still being deceived. This deceit caused many divorces in white families and white women marrying black men for sex. Many teens and young beautiful white women have also destroyed their lives by this great perversion by p*rn . But the p*rn industry is not revealing it coz it will stop their Income.
    This is the truth. White women don't be deceived by p*rn . It is fake. Total deceit. Stay with your races. Black women for black men white women for white men is God's plan and will. Do not mix races and make everything hybrid. If you do so you destroy your own race. Also Interracial filth stinks to God. He will vomit on this filth.
    So stop watching p*rn and come to God. He died for all out sins. He will set us free from all evil p*rn addictions and give us love, joy, peace and eternal life. Come to him before its too late.

  • Black men are more passionate with non-black women

    • my white girlfriend told me the same thing...about them not liking oral sex...so it has to be general true

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    • Lol - yea I know - I just had to throw my two cents in :P

    • i know many black man who will f*** a white girl or Asian but never actually have a relationship with them.. nothing your saying is true

  • I think because of the negative image of young black men in the media, black men are seen as the "bad boys" that drive women wild. Also the belief about black men being bigger will attract some women as well.

    • True - they are hyped up in the media as being the bigger better males I guess - but I mean, masculinity comes in all colors realisticly.

      As far as the bad boy " thuggish" image - ugh, I don't get what's so attractive about it quite honestly.

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  • Black, White, Blue, Green...guys from all races will be either good or bad in bed. Stereotyping on the size of a black man's penis versus a white man or Hispanic man is ridiculous also. Everyone is made different. Some are blessed some aren't so blessed. I personally don't understand it all but sometimes it all what one wants to really believe in their head. If you have a mind set that a white guy is better then your mind will refuse to believe that a black guy will ever surpass him. EVERYONE is different and will have their own ways. All races have mixed preferences whether its wanting to please or wanting to be pleased. It's alllllllllll a big stereotype!

    • I've only been with white men but I'm no fool to knowing realistic facts...

    • I am going off conversations with black men who refuse to give oral sex, and talking to other black women who agree...one of which dates stictly black men and tells me this all the time

    • Maybe you should advertise for a black man requesting all of your needs to try it out?! There are white men who refuse to give oral sex as well though.

  • Yea, my good friend is always telling me about how her boyfriend ( black guy,) likes when she does anal for him; but she hates it. She can never ask him to do anything for her though, because he won't - she suggested oral, and he simply was like f*** no. Yet expected her to keep giving him everything he wants sexually -

    I asked her how she could deal with him being so selfish in bed - she's way more tolerant than I am...

    Anyway - yea, I have a preference for non - black men - they tend to be a little more passionate and caring (not all of them of course, but there's a profound difference -)

    • Oh and I mean - not all black men are like selfish in bed and unloving - there are a good few out there, and truthfully, the capability to be passionate and caring varies for each guy - it's just for some odd reason, non black guys seem to be more inclined to it -

    • why is she still with him?!

    • Well - she is one of those girls who tend to be overly giving to men anyway - so she'll do pretty much whatever to make him happy - I know, a bit of an iffy set up, but they've been together for 2 years now, so it's working for her.

  • LMAO you are really dumb. for real.

    • well at least I will be sexually satisfied ba ha ha

    • lmao OK by your logic so will I. I've never had sex with a black guy so now what?

  • your right most black men don't care to please the girl.. I don't get it either.

    • Are you black?

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    • i didn't say not being with a black man makes you less of a women it is just interesting to me that you aren't attracted whatsoever to your race..

    • yea, it's interesting to me too - most people I talk too are either for their own race (dating,) or open to any other race and their own.

      such a strange phenomenon - but eh, love is colorless anyway...

  • Both men and women stereotype each other

    Black men say black women are prudes in bed & won't give head, white guys say white girls are prudish etc

    Everyone stereotypes

    • not me ; )

    • i will agree most black women usually don't like giving head. I love it! but I also like being pleased myself, which is why I usually have issues with the bm

  • Actually, I don't think it's women who think black guys are sexual gods, but men. One thing I've learned is that men are the ones impressed with a large penis, not women. So, black guys might have the reputation you described, but it comes from men building them up, not women. Most women are open to all races & penis sizes.

    • I think you need to read this site more often.

    • And I think you do.

  • No that's not with me my boyfriend can lay :) and his tounge craye ^_^

  • Stereotypes, whether they are positive or negative, are common assumptions that aren't true in the vast majority of cases. I'm not sure why people ignore common sense and buy into these notions. There are definitely cultural differences between the races, and that could possibly affect how men of a particular culture view certain sexual activities (i.e. oral sex). Other than that, skin color has nothing to do with sexual prowess in general. There are men of all races who could and would please you.

  • haaaaahahahahahahahahaha Nope! Sry White man have more power! The are so big and know how to a women!