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Good household items for a girl to pleasure herself with?

Fingers alone don't seem to do it and I live at home so I always worry that someone would find my sex toys and I don't really want to buy any... Show More

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  • I think the two most common household items that girls use are:- Hairbrush handles (find a round one with some knobby grip bumps)- Electric toothbrushes (use the back side of the head of the toothbrush)No one will look twice at either of these in a girl's room or bathroom, but they are probably as good as most purpose-built devices.

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  • Hey I'm not on my pc so if you can add me ill be happy to send you a list

  • Cucumber...banana...carrot...massaging shower head...experiment a little

  • Have you ever try using a pillow.Just humping with it.

  • battery operated vibrating toothbrush like this link they work wonders trust me ;) You just rub the back part of the toothbrush head on your clit and it should bring you to an amazing orgasm. Think you would try that?

    • Oh definitely..thanks haha

    • And I'm sure you'l find one at walmart. Have fun ;)

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