Where to touch a guy while making out?

This guy I am currently dating moved my hand to his crotch while making out.I notice he was hard so I slowly caressed him(with his pants still on).So I pleased him through his pants but...Does that mean it is his place of preference mainly to be touched since he guided my hand there?Any place else I can touch him to get him excited?Or anything else I can do that's not full throttle sex? Thanx!


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  • My advice is not to overdo it. If he's already hard... don't touch him there. Anything else.. reach under his shirt, hold his ass, whatever. If he's not hard - grab his crotch and make him. The point is... don't overstimulate. Don't get a guy half way to cumming before having sex. Unless you like sex to be brief. A d*** is like a time bomb that needs to be managed. Manage it so you have as much fun as you want. You're different... he can fondle you to no end. He can work you one orgasm into the next into the next. There's a difference.

    • Hi!Thanks for responding.This was our first heavy makeout session and HE led my hand there.By the end of us making out which lasted for a couple of hours,i just went ahead and gave him a hand job through his pants and he came..so I didn't leave him hanging or anything,even though I told him I was not ready for sex.I wasn't rubbing him the entire time,it was more of and off kinda thing.But I wanted to finish strong. :) And I dig your profile pic! Who doesn't love christian bale!

    • Sounds like a lucky guy.

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  • around the neck


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  • His d***, wrap your arms around him really tight, put your hands on his chest, if you are boyfriend and girlfriend hold his hands tight while locking your fingers through his but that is a lovey move