What is the function of the clitorious?

do animals have it too? it's very.. random, there is no function other than to be turned on... strange!

I am open minded so tell me what you think the function could possibly be!


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  • to make you hornay babay;)

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  • Well, sexuality is a matter of public health (stress relief, physical well-being, emotional satisfaction), so you want to have some means of increasing arousal, and that's one of them.

  • reproductional encouragement

  • The penis isn`t an enlarged clit, such is nonsense. The proof: The main purpose of it is the reproduction, so the task by nature. The pleasure is only there for to do the reproduction, a stimulus and a kind of reward.

    The clitoris brings the invitation for to unit the both genders, so the reproduction can start.

    How can the penis be an overdeveloped clitoris, if it is able to spend new life?

    So I say, the wish for such idea was and is the mother of this thought. And why? Only for to upgrade the clit! So we have always ask for the motive of an opinion.

    • All mammals have a clitoris, what else!

  • To be sucked.

  • It's essentially the female equivalent of all the nerves that are on the end of a penis. Essentially, a clitoris is a penis that didn't grow, and a penis is a clitoris that grew.

    And being turned on has a biological function. It compels you to do the thing that makes more humans.

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  • I learned that the clitorous was a strictly sexual organ; like that's it's only function lol.

    A lot of people say it's a left over penis - but I don't know about that...

    I believe it's there so the women will orgasm which causes the cervix to extend and take in more sperm when it's present, increasing fertilization.

    But I'm no biologist - yet lol

    As far as animals -

    manatee's are said to have clits; it was rumored sailors would have sex with manatees during those oh so lonely nights at sea because of the resemblance between manatee and human lady parts...

    Those are the only animals I heard of with one though...

  • It was made to WIN

  • Clitorious B.I.G. (n) : An infamous rapper never seen without his hood on.

  • it gives you an orgasim when its rubbed ^^

  • All female mammals have it, I believe. It's meant for orgasms and enjoyable sex.

    • It's just nature's way of bribing us into reproduction.

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    • We simply lack the capability to learn of other animals' consciousness, but since sex is regulated by hormones, ie "feelings, emotions", it means animals are driven by pleasure as well.

      Instinct - pleasure, hunger, desire, etc

    • Dolphins have sex for pleasure, lol.

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