Labia minora size?

I know there are different Labia sizes... some are relatively large - look stretchy and hanging- and others are really unnoticeable - they are not hanging and are inside surrounding the opening. What do you think about women who has it large/small? which one do you prefer? and what do you think about them? I have heard that some women who have it large go through surgery to cut them short.... why? is it bad looking if it is sticking outside?

Women and men, I want to hear your opinion... thank you.


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  • Large. Bigger the better. I have had all sizes and shapes in my 40 years. Personally, I prefer those that are puffy with a good "angle of the dangle". My wife's are average (a slight disappointment when I first got a good look, but her beautiful naturally elongated nipples made up for it! ), and by average, I mean the minora protrude slightly past the majora about 5 to 8 millimeters. Also, when aroused, they engorge and fatten up a little and naturally begin to protrude a little more (up to a centimeter or so total) and are easier to suck on (which is great for both of us). I often try to get them bigger by sucking, pulling and tugging (gently and with love, of course! ), and they do elongate somewhat, but unfortunately, they always go back to their original size. I cruise the large labia fetish sites now and then and get my thrills there, but overall, I am very happy with my wife's and would never trade her in for a bigger "meaty taco". Besides, as I mentioned earlier, her nipples beat ANYONE's hands down. They naturally are about 25millimeters long and as big around as a dime. That is not including her aureolas (aureolai? ), which are nice too. They are sometimes (depending on temperature and/or arousal level) as large as 3. 5 inches across. We have been married for 7 years as of the 10th and honestly, when I first got to see her nipples sans bra, I thought. This may be the one. Just kidding, I knew she was "the one" after we had spent the last 3 years getting to know each other as best friends, but her nipples pushed me over the edge. The deal sealer was her oral talent. I have never had a bad bj. All bj's are good and they should be more liberally handed out, but of course, some are better than others, and she is (by FAR! ) the best. Before her, there were about 30 others who awarded me for good behavior and NONE could compare - I even had one that could deep-throat my 7 and have enough room left over to slurp a nut in and out, but the technique was not good. Before me, she had bestowed the honor upon only 2 others, so it didn't come from practice. She learned through watching good instructional porn and reading good instructional sex technique books. Ahhhh, but I digress. Back to the labia. Yes. Big is better. When my wife gave birth to our first son (she brought a beautiful daughter to our marriage from a previous relationship), while pushing during delivery, I got very aroused because of the size and swelling of her vulva and labia. Of course, when the baby's head was crowning, I lost the arousal and started falling in love with my baby, but before that, I almost asked the nurse to "give us a minute". Just kidding, but it was a nice sight to look at and I can still vividly picture the memory. Women who are upset about large labia and want to get surgical reductions, should only do so if they are PHYSICALLY uncomfortable. If you are mentally uncomfortable, then find yourself a man (plenty out there) who worship big!

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      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this are hysterical!!!