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What are thunderbeads?

ive heard it said before. and I know it has something to do with sex. but what are they and what do they do?

oh woah. those are pretty freaky. ahah

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  • Ok so thunder beads are basically special anal beads. These things are amazing for giving a girl an orgasm, we used some when we were having sex and she said that they gave her some amazing orgasms. If you want to know more comment and I cam explain it some more.

  • Here is a link. link Are you referring to another type of beads?

    • Yeah that's not it. its like some kind of sex toy I think. not too sure though.

    • I think the beads that you are referring to are those mentioned by 12345. Her link looks correct to me.

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  • link i think that's what your talking about. At least, that would be my definition. I hope I helped!