How to help my girlfriend on her period.

My girlfriend is very bold about herself so I don't have to guess about her period. One day she wasn't feeling to well and I asked her what's wrong and she was having her period, that she didn't care who she told anymore. I gave her a back massage.

So, girls, are you open about your period to your boyfriends? What do they do to help you? I'm thinking about giving my girlfriend a belly massage next time but I'll have to ask her before I just rubbing her belly.

The other day I was rubbing my gf's belly on the couch, because she was having her period. She was wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants. Her eyes were closed as if she were asleep.
(Cont) Just to see what would happen, I moved my hand lower and lower to her waistline gradually as I rubbed her belly. She started moaning lightly as I went lower. I dipped my hand beneath her sweatpants to find she was only wearing panties.
(Cont) I slipped my hand beneath her panties, abandoning the belly rub. I traced her lips with my finger and could feel she wasn't as wet as she neede to be. (This the first time I attempted to finger my gf.) I found her clit and played with it.
(Cont) She began moaning louder through all this. I layed on the couch and her next to me nearest the edge, with her head by chest. After about two mintues of playing with her clit she started moaning louder and came.
I know she did because she let a sort of hiss to let me know not to touch her clit anymore. She then fell asleep and then I fell asleep. We awoke Sat. (my parents were away. and I'm 18, presses wrong button when registering.) She had been awake for awhile
I asked her about it. It was hot I could get my girlfriend off but I felt I took advantage of her. I asked her, 'Do you remember last night?' 'Yeah' 'No,what I did with you.'"Oh, that. Where did you learn that?" "I just know things." She laughed.
(Cont) She said with a smile,"That felt great." "You didn't care?" "You know I get horny on my period. That's just what I needed." "I was just worried I took advantage of you." "Advantage?" "Yeah, for sex." " Well, I'm glad you took advantage of me then,"
"Your welcome. We should do it again sometime." "We should!" "This wil sound awkward, but that's the first time I ever did that to a girl. I was afraid I didn't know what I was doing. I'm happy that I have this kind of relationship with you."
I told her I was glad I could give her pleasure. We hugged. How's that for turning a period into something good?


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  • Aww! You are so sweet!

    I am definitely open about my period, but I don't think that my boyfriend would be.

    A massage definitely helps, maybe offering her some advil too.

    Belly massage helps, but not if she is cramping a lot.

    Cuddling is definitely a must, so cuddle up with her.

    I wish my ex-bf would of helped me out.

    But massages and cuddling are a must.

    If you have a heating blanket, offer her to use it.

    Or to be romantic, you can set her up a nice bubble bath! I love bubble baths, with some rose petals or something in it. =]

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      Thanks for the encouragement. A lot of guys I know have gfs who want to talk to them about their periods and they are repulsed by the thought of that... uh, function. I'll definitely cuddle with her now, but why wouldn't a belly massage help her if she's having cramps? I'm not going to punch her in the stomachor anything; it's just that I've kind of did it beforeand she liked it and it seems very intimate.

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      Ur welcome=] sometimes touching her stomach will make it feel better, other times the cramps are so bad that it hurts to be touched on the stomach. It depends on how severe her cramps are. But if she liked it, then that's good. I would like my stomach rubbed if I had light cramps, but not heavy ones. I try to ignore the period talk with my guy, sometimes he gets mad when I'm on my period because he cannot touch me down there lol.