Girl Staring at My Crotch?

Early I was sitting in class and discussing wtv about... my legs were open and there is a little hole on my jeans not very noticeable its like very average size on my balls lvl and this girl besides was watching the hold or my d***, We could clearly see my ball and I caught this girl looking twice while she was talking with her twin sis.

to make the record Idc if she looks its just funny that she probably doesn't know that I was watching

Why people think I'm lying lol?


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  • well she could have just been spacing out and, or she could have seen it accidentally saw it and then wondered what it was and was staring at it! (I've done that before (well not to someones crotch)haha) but if it was intetional she must have liked what she saw because she kept looking at it! ha ha if you have any more questions then just ask! love <3 hottywithabody88


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  • If this is real ( which I will never believe) that wasn't flirting that was terror.

    • you also think I'm lying? lOl I'm no 15 years old perveted, the only thing I'm asking is why was she looking? if you don't believe my story then stfu

  • cool story broski.

    peace adjacent.

    • judging from your pic, I know you don't get any and please learn smt from me

      I do not make up stories, if you don't believe then move on there are a lot questions ; make yourself useful

  • I think you liked it. :P

  • I think she was laughing more at the hole in your pants and it's location rather than your d*** itself...

  • What happened to your underwear?

  • you exposed yourself so why shouldn't she steal a glance or two. you're make a good story for her


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  • Umm. Get a new pair of jeans..

    • @ your update: For me I could care less if you are lying or not. I just don't care about your story. Just get some new jeans and cover your balls.

  • cool story bro

    • u think I'm lyinng? you thinkk I have nothing to do and make up stories

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    • now ure trying to b funny? there are more questions out there go make yourself useful

    • Nah bro, I think we could have a real bromance here...