I'm a virgin guy.

I'm 20, athletic.girls always say I'm good looking, but I'm still a virgin. When girls ask me if I'm a virgin, and I say "Yes," how come they don't believe me and are suprised.

Do girls get turned off by virgin guys or would they rather have a virgin guy over a non-virgin guy?


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  • I'm 20 as well, and no, that wouldn't be the most critical thing in my relationships.

    I look for a guy who is moral, honest, caring, loving, has character etc, so these traits are more important to me than whether or not he is a virgin or not.

    I've been with guys who weren't and they unfortunately also lacked some of these traits. My advice is to give it or save it for someone you truly love, because the memory will last forever till the day you die.

    Unfortunately, some of us who aren't virgin want to forget the fact we ever met certain people and it's a very emotonal experience for a girl anyways. I just think the girls you are talking to sound like they aren't conservative so that's why they'd say that.

    I come from a pretty conservative family and I share the same values, even the I made a mistake. I would strongly advice to find the girl you get to know and grow to love and then you know. There isn't a time limit on these things. It's not a big turn off.

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  • Hey, I’m 17 and a virgin, and nobody believes me when I tell them either. I think it’s a stereotype formed by society that the most attractive individuals are automatically the ones who will “lose it” first. NOT so! It’s based on morals and choices the person made. Just because an attractive guy may have more offers than a not-so-attractive guy doesn’t mean that he’ll take them.

    I know that as a virgin girl, I would LOVE to have a hot virgin boyfriend! Not only would I not have to worry about STD’s or illegitimate children that I don’t know about, It’s one of my fantasies for my first time to also be his first time. And I imagine there are other girls out there who feel the same way.

    Take pride in your virginity and whatever you do, don’t throw it away!

    Good luck ; )

    • To put it bluntly...I'm attractive and have offers all the time....but girls tend to play a lot of games, so I'm picky because of that.

  • It really depends on the girl... but if a girl is even worth your while she should be able to accept you as a virgin or as a non-virgin

    some girls like it when a guy is having his first time with her... it's more special maybe

    other girls want the guy to have some experience so the sex is good but they don't understand that all guys are different... some are great the first time, some need some time to get better, and hey some just never get there

    personally, I don't care... I like it when a guy is a virgin but I like it when he's not (I just don't want to know the old partners) lol. but one thing a hate is when I guy sleeps around with anyone who will let him, that's a big turn off for me

  • Some girls do. well, actually most like me do. Its just guys good looking ones are not virgins. Its just rare to ever find one and its just a turn off cause it shows a guy is not experience.

    • Yeah see I just answered one of your questions about why you meet jerks and now I can see why. If you get turned off by these guys go for only "experienced" guys then you are missing the point. You are intentionally going for jerks. Sad but true.

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    • Well I'm attractive, who's not boring and I'm struggling here. Its very odd, but true. Can't seem to pinpoint it. Deep Love just likes to get dicked around by losers.

    • I don't like it at all.

  • It's just surprising because most men have had sex by the time they are 16. Most my 20 year old friends have been around the block a few times. No it's not a turn off, it's cute and shows you have respect and that you're not in it just for booty.

  • i am a virgin and I want my first time to be with a virgin because guys sleeping around is such a turn off! its like they do it just because girls want them, not because of emotions. and I don't want someone who will just take advantage of me.

    • Well then you better figure on staying a virgin. Guys your age are not looking for emotional attachments.

    • I do plan on it. if some one can't respect my decision to wait then they have no business being in any kind of a relationship with me.

    • I think I have to disagree with you to a degree dave, I've wanted something serious since I was in elementary school, but I do think most guys around that age don't really want a real relationship.

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  • I know enough, in spite of being a guy, to say that girls have NO problem with a guy's level of experience. They could care less really.

  • I don't think girls get turned off by a guy being a virgin. And they certainly don't get turned on by a guy who has been with tons of girls. I think they prefer a sort of, middle ground. They will want a guy who knows what he's doing during sex.

    If a girl has a choice, and she isn't a virgin, I'd figure she'd want to be with a non-virgin as well to avoid the awkwardness of the first time. There's nothing wrong with being a virgin though, I'm glad I'm not but that's only because I was able to lose it to someone I loved.

    Having said that, a girl would not turn a guy down because he is a virgin, and some girls probably do prefer virgins. You'd really need to do a poll on this one I think.

  • Its just the way you look man, athletic probably were very sporty, good looking yea they are just suprised or will think you are lying. But girls do like a guy like that because it puts more value to you that you have morals, that you respect woman and not just look at them as a pieace of ass. Actually you will get more woman wanting you, if you carry yourself with confidence that you would be great in bed but be able to look them deep in the eyes and tell them you are a virgin, they will respect and want you more.

  • Dude lol :D Same. . .20 . . . Athletic as in working out. . . Good looking (decent :D).

    Still a virgin!

    More like. . . Girls are surprised in a good way . . You haven't slept around with dozen of women. :D

    • Yeah bro....Im as clean as they come. It's all about self respect I guess.

  • If they do get turned off, so what? Stay true to your position and you'll find someone who respects it, and if you ask me, she's a keeper.

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