Why does he insist on me sleeping naked?

I don't like sleeping naked, I feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. He sometimes sleeps naked and sometimes not, I don't care. I don't get why he wants me to be naked though


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  • Usually you two will fall asleep after sex cuddling. It is a much nicer sensation to be up against a naked woman, and to be able to touch her naked body and cup her naked breasts. And when waking in the morning, it is great to be able to cuddle with a naked body and enjoy the view, too.

    Many people argue you should not sleep naked because there might be a fire and you have to rush out. A robe next to the bed solves that.

    You are probably more comfortable sleeping with something on because that is how you grew up with family around. Things are different now. It is just you and him, and he could see your not wanting to sleep with him naked as you hiding your body from him.

    Others are right that you have to do what you are comfortable with, but perhaps you could adjust that now that you are with him and not your family.

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      that's a good point, I've actually never thought about why I don't feel comfortable with it thx