Whats a good way to get my boyfriend off fast?

it feels like sometimes when I'm giving him head he takes forever to finish. anyone know of some good techniques?


Most Helpful Girl

  • A few tricks:

    * use your hands & your mouth

    * make sure you're really using your tongue A LOT

    * press down a the bottom of his penis, on the side that faces him, in the crease where it meets his stomach. Use one finger longways, or two/three fingers. There's a vein here that takes blood out of the penis. If you press on it, not too hard, it'll keep in the blood, which increases his sensation and makes it puff up a little bigger. You'll feel it swell if you're doing it right.

    * get used to it, some guys just take a long time. keep telling yourself how much you like giving head, even make yourself daydream or fantasize about it. it sounds silly, but you really can change how you think so you'll enjoy it more.