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Do white women have the biggest breasts on average?

I've noticed that white women have bigger breasts that other girls. Do you think that's true or am I generalizing?

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  • I think that somewhat like the penis question we hear so often, boob size doesn't have a lot to do with race. I think you are generalizing

  • I think every races have women with big breats.Its depends on the genetic.

  • you're definitely generalizing.

  • I don't think any race has bigger/smaller..

  • Well...I'm white and have small breasts...not flat chested...but an "A" cup. So does all of the women in my family. It sucks!

  • Not according to what I've seen in the National Geographic magazines.

    • They showed boobs on National Geographic? I knew it was very educating!

    • lmao

    • Yea the tribal ladies.

  • Nope, black women and mexicans do

    • mexicans?

      or Hispanics/latinos

  • generalizing.

  • Generalizing.

What Guys Said 8

  • Generalizing.

  • My experience or from what I see, its a toss up between white and Black . Blacks are famous for their asses, but some have a decent size pair of breasts. Even some whites have a better ass then blacks, so it can go either way.

  • Not really, it depends on the woman, not necessarily the race.

  • I don't know man most white women I have seen or even most of my white friends tend to have smaller to medium breasts. You must be only looking at white women and focus more on the ones that do have big breasts and block out the rest.

  • Well, I've noticed that in certain European countries, their bodies are definitely more "Apple" shaped, meaning they have a wider bust and thinner waist. Many Scandinavian women, for example, are Apple shaped and have bigger breasts. Of course, that's just another generalization.

  • I thought Asians had the smallest boobs.. Not sure that white aka European decent have the largest though.

  • In the U.S. it seems pretty even when it comes to the size of white, black, and Hispanic women's breasts. Part of what factors into their size is the hormones that they consume from food. Asians tend to eat very differently from other races.

  • "White" is a broad category. Average breast size is definitely larger in some ethnicities than others though.

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