How many girls have asked their men to lick their feet?

cuz I'm not really into it but apparently my girlfriend is and she asked me and says that she REALLY likes it I doubt she's the only girl like this so let me know..


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  • yeam ummmm... I have never heard of that . too me that sounds kind of discusting and werid. I wouldn't ask my boyfriend to lick my feet or any other person that just sounds weird to me I don't get the point. it would pleasure. ... good luck with your girlfriend. my advice like her feet and see how she reacts and if your not feeling it when she does really good at something like she accomplishes something that your proud of her for like her feet but don't let it be a regular thing so she knows that its special when you put away your disgust and ... well like her feet...?

    • youve never heard of a foot fetish? lol I've never dated a girl that's liked this but I know there are girls who like it I wasn't like outrageously surprised haa

    • Time to open your eyes & ears...

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  • Thats just gross and weird on so many levels. I always thought that guys were into this stuff but never a girl. I'm going to throw up now.

    • If there's guys that like it there has to be girls that like to have it done to them? Kinda makes some sense.

    • Not really. What I meant by guys being into that stuff, I meant foot fetishes. What girl do you know that has a foot fetish besides the one your with. Out of all the questions on GAG about foot fetishes, how many have been asked by women? I didn't say that the girls didn't like it and they probably do but its very rare for a girl to ask for it. Your free to lick her feet as much as you want. Its a free country. FYI: foot fetishes usually mean touching, feeling, and looking.

  • haha well I like it when my boyfriend gives me a foot massage :)

    • do you ask him for them? because that's where my girlfriend started lol askin me for a lot of foot massages then asked me to lick tham hahahah

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    • @karenirving307. That's a great point. Foot massage is one thing but licking someones feet is going to far.

    • haha I know right what girl would just say to there boyfriend hunni could you lick my feet lol

  • um no. just no


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  • sounds like a personal fetish she has. It shows her dominance over you and turns her on. If your okay with it, just go with it.

  • ..lucky you!

  • Yea some girls have foot fetishes like some guys. I guess you could give it a shot as long as her foot is clean. She may also want to give you a footjob which is another part of the fetish. Jacking off with feet. No I don't have a foot fetish but my friend does and he tells me stories about him and his girl sometimes

  • probably not as many as there are guys with foot fetishes