What does it mean if my girlfriend has white stuff in her vagina before we've even had sex?

So I had sex with my girlfriend twice already and everything was normal I guess but today we started doing it again and white stuff was inside of her and dripping out on my penis and it looked like a guy already came in her even though she says no guy has 'cause she uses condoms but I saw the white stuff so is she lying? Did she have sex with another guy?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's discharge, dude. The color and texture of discharge is related to our cycles. Sometimes it's clear, other times it's white and milky looking. It's how our vaginas clean themselves. It also contributes to what our natural lubrication looks like when we get 'wet'. Sometimes it's more clear and other times it's more of a white color. If it's not chunky in texture or weird-smelling [in which case she probably has a yeast infection], you have nothing to worry about.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's most likely discharge man.. don't worry about it or make her feel uncomfortable! Just accept it.