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Ladies, have you ever seduced a much younger boy?

Growing up, there were so many older girls I wished would have any type of sexual relations with me. I had the desire and would have consented to any... Show More

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  • I'm 21 and went out with an 17 year old and yeah, he's a man now lol. He was serious about our relationship and so was I, so yeah, and he said I was hot. It ended because we are different people in a way. Still think of him from time to time.

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  • I'm 28 and I just took an 18 year old's virginity. If he were like 5 years older I would love a real relationship with him but he's just too young for that. Even though he doesn't know a lot, he makes up for it with plenty of enthusiasm. Younger guys are just fun, fun, fun. That's all I want right now so it works for both of us I guess. He can practice with me! Look for a girl that doesn't want a relationship-just fun.

  • lol well I have dated younger guys see I'm 18 years old and my ex boyfriend was 15 years old.his family new about and allowed it. I like itbecasue it was different.

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