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Do men think saggy breasts are ugly?

Do men think saggy breasts are ugly? if you sag should you just keep your bra on even during sex?

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  • Personally you should keep it on until you marry a guy or you'll likely have a relationship based on just sex. That makes for an awful marriage. BUT, yes men do have likes and dislikes about breasts.

    The under 18 year old that responded is a child. Men like most breasts. The most important part is the nipple, since that's what our mouth heads for.

    Women are their own worst critics. Relax. If a man isn't attracted to you just because of your breasts keep looking around. You haven't found someone that really cares about you. We're dogs and like breasts big or small, perky or saggy.

What Guys Said 11

  • boobs are boobs

  • Well if he's going to bed with her, chances are he already knows about the breasts. So, surely he is okay with them.

    But for many guys saggy isn't attractive.

  • No men don't like saggy breasts... and no don't keep your bra on during sex, take it off. I'm being totally honest.

  • Although at first look saggy breasts are not as pretty as perky breasts, I never like it when a girl leaves her bra on, and I always take it off cause I love to play with them. If you feel insecure about your breasts, maybe you can leave your bra on, and then see what the guy does. Many girls do this, and when I ask them, 'aren't you gonna take your bra off', they all say, yea, but I don't like my breasts....and most of the times, their breasts to me are just fine, but girls are never pleased with their bodies.

  • i think if I like you as a person ill be like huh here breast are saggy. I'm making love to your mind through your body. I'm not having just having sex with your body. I think its the mind that counts. of course if your like miss chokes on d*** there's nothing that could make up for it.

  • Saggy breasts can still be fun and attractive. But there is a limit to how far they go down though. If they sag 6 inches, then that's a gray area (probably ok). But if they sag 1 foot, my enthusiasm dies.

  • Saggy breasts are only ugly if they get dusty through dragging along the floor.

  • They are not ugly, take the bra off!

  • Maybe I am in the minority but I PREFER saggy breasts. There is absolutely nothing more attractive to me than a natural woman with natural breasts. The only real turnoff to men (like me) are fake breasts. I would/will NEVER date or crush on a woman with fake boobs. They look horrendous and scream "Insecurity".
    Just like Woman, All men are different in what they like and what fetishes they have. Just like some woman prefer toned men with a hairless body, Others prefer and more natural build or a hairy chest. What you like is what you like. Give me a nice set of heavy natural and SAGGY breasts any day of the week!!!

  • Saggy breasts, especially if they are large, are the greatest turn-on, as far as I'm concerned,

What Girls Said 3

  • Yes I like saggy boobs

  • Personally sagginess runs in my family because of this I didn't want to take the chance so I go to the gym and exercise that area. That works great! It not only keeps sagginess away but it makes them perkier and they appear bigger! It's great!

    • Really?Exercising works?What exercises do you do?

    • Ummm I have no idea what its called... but its where you put your arms on the machine and it kind of moves them forward and back like opening and closing..hope that helps.

  • I never had a chance. My mom was taken from me when I was 9, so she never got the chance to explain a lot of things I otherwise would have known about, cause believe me - my dad explained nothing. By the time I was 12, I hated my breasts. I could never wear strapless anything, was terrified of a wedding dress and prom dresses, terrified of having sex, and not only that, you could tell I had huge saggy breasts as a teen, even in my clothes. And I was otherwise a very, very pretty girl. But I rarely had boyfriends. And if I had sex with someone, I cannot tell you how many times it was over. No phone calls, nothing. Now I'm in my 40's and I'm in love with another man (that is not my husband - don't judge - you don't know the situation), but he's had his pick of women, and although he thinks he's in love me with also, he doesn't know. I have felt like my life was ruined all my life because of this. I wish I had married a rich man so I could've had a breast reduction or something so my self-esteem would be better. And it's not just a matter of accepting myself. They're huge, I can't even see below them, Food falls on them all the time (when I'm in clothes), and they sag almost to my belly. What did I do to deserve this? I feel like God or whoever it is out there just played a cruel trick on me by giving me a sensitive heart, but this deep insecurity that has plagued me my entire life. To make it worse, my areolas are HUGE. You can't even see the borders, they just being to blend in with the rest of my breast tissue.

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