Do girls like getting their hair pulled/yanked when having sex?

Mainly during doggystyle?

awesome. what about slapping or choking?
wow, I'm really surprised and turned on by the responses. I don't really wanna slap or choke a girl during sex unless she wants that, but hair pulling seems hot and it seems like 100% of women like it on here. thanks.


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  • Yeah, after my boyfriend treats me well, he can do w/e. I actually get turned on by it

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  • Hmm I was addicted to hair-pulling, and so pulling my hair would have a totally different meaning. I would think it would be kind of harsh, but that's just me, and it's all about the person you're with.

  • Hell yeah! I even have a license plate holder that says " if you are going to ride my a$$ then at least pull my hair" lol

  • It's a domination thing. I love being controlled. My guy slapped and spanked me (we had a safeword), and then took me and had such passionate intercourse. It was like he was punishing me, then taking me and telling me he was sorry. Haha, in short, we like to be dominated, and it gives us goosebumps, which is always nice during sex. ;)

  • Yep. I like it to the point where it hurts just a bit and most of my girlfriends are the same way.

  • Yes, yes I do.

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  • Thank god I'm single.

  • I know my girlfriend loves it, and I don't mind it either, if that matters at all