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Do girls like getting their hair pulled/yanked when having sex?

Mainly during doggystyle?

awesome. what about slapping or choking?
wow, I'm really surprised and turned on by the responses. I don't really wanna slap or choke a girl during sex unless she wants that, but hair pulling seems hot and it seems like 100% of women like it on here. thanks.

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  • Yeah, after my boyfriend treats me well, he can do w/e. I actually get turned on by it

What Girls Said 15

  • Yep. I like it to the point where it hurts just a bit and most of my girlfriends are the same way.

  • i know I do, but it's a personal prefrence you just have to talk to the girl you plan on doing it with

  • Hell yeah! I even have a license plate holder that says " if you are going to ride my a$$ then at least pull my hair" lol

  • Hmm I was addicted to hair-pulling, and so pulling my hair would have a totally different meaning. I would think it would be kind of harsh, but that's just me, and it's all about the person you're with.

  • It's a domination thing. I love being controlled. My guy slapped and spanked me (we had a safeword), and then took me and had such passionate intercourse. It was like he was punishing me, then taking me and telling me he was sorry. Haha, in short, we like to be dominated, and it gives us goosebumps, which is always nice during sex. ;)

  • yes! and if she has shorter hair double yes!

  • Mmmm, yeah it's awesome.

  • Yes, Yes, Yes I love it also liked getting spanked as well. Just ask her first you don't want to freak her out. lol.

  • well yeah I love it wen my boyfriend does that to me.i also like it wen he spanks my ass.it put excitement in the relationship.

  • obviously I cannot speak for the entire female population, every girl is different, but I've found that a lot of girls like it (I know I do)

    if you are unsure if our girl likes it or not, you could just ask her. if you two are comfortable enough with each other to have sex, then surely you're comfortable enough with each other to ask whether or not she likes her hair pulled.

  • hell yeah I love it I guess it just roughness of it that I love

  • Some girls do, some girls don't. The best way to find this out is to try it out gently once or twice and see how she likes it.

    Personally I do.

  • I like slapping and choking, but then I like being degraded during sex in general. I know it's kind of weird, but I just get more into it if he's smacking me around and calling me his whore or whatever. I guess I'm just into pain, though, because I also like it when the guy is big enough to hit my cervix and I know a lot of girls don't like that.

  • Yeah I love it when my boyfriend puts me in the chokehold and pulls my hair-so hott

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  • I know my girlfriend loves it, and I don't mind it either, if that matters at all

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