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Do girls like boners?

Question is for girls only, no guy answers. But would girls get turned on if they saw one of their guy friends with a boner or would you just get... Show More

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  • It depends on the girl in question. Honestly I'd get an ego boost if a friend got turned on around me. Now turned on is a entirely different thing because I'm a very loyal person. If I didn't have a man I would get turned on, but if I did have one, I would be very uncomfortable.

What Girls Said 12

  • I can only speak or myself when I say, "HELL YEAH!" :) LOL

  • Yes, I would feel flattered. I like knowing that I can do that to guys, and yes it has happened. A guy friend of mine was over watching a movie and he was wearing gym shorts and boxers so nothing to hold it down and it was obvious. No it didn't creep me out. He was embarrassed/told me he couldn't help it. I just told him it was normal and not to worry about it. After while it went down, no big deal.

    I don't care about the size of your boner though, so no it would not impress me. I have never had one that didn't stimulate me or get me off so I think its a guy thing about size making a difference.

  • It depends. Some girls will be flattered, some will be embarrassed, and some will be creeped out about it. I personally find it cute though, it makes me feel flattered.

  • i love it when guys get boners , I find it really sexy x

  • I think they are so sexy, and make me really horny.

  • Me I would find it cute but same times weird but hey you got to admit it's hot.

  • My personal opinion:

    Boyfriend boners = hot

    Guy friend boners = amusing/flattering, cute if I like him

    Stranger boners = a tiiiny bit creepy, but still also amusing

  • yea I do, I think its cute and kinda funny cause usually its just us watching TV or movies and I just happen to notice it

  • Only if the guy ilove gets it when I'm around him it makes me feel very attractive

  • only if its big

  • yep.

    • nice

What Guys Said 4

  • It's natural, of course they must like it. If they don't, they do not contribute to population reproduction.

  • If there was no boners there would be no sex.

  • Girls dig the long bone.

  • I am actually a girl, I messed up my profile gender is all.

    And no, we hate them, we like em all loose and flappin around.

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