Talk girlfriend out of breast implants?

So, my girlfriend decided she wants breast implants. So far, I don't mind.

The thing is, a while ago in the news, there was this one woman with 164xxx breasts (I know, it's sick). That woman has string implants in those 2 beanbags. So the problem is: my girlfriend also wants that type, and she even wants to carry it further than an xxx.

I've already tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn't listen.

2 reasons I don't want it to happend:

1. It's insane

2. I'm sure her body would collapse under such weight..

So, any ideas how to talk her out of it?

eitherway, whatever she does, I guess I just have to live with it, because I won't leave her just because of this. Even if she really does the job, and I would leave her for it (probably not), I'd have some time, because before surgery they are D (so now she's a D, without anything), and when she comes out, they won't instantly be that huge. They'll be an H at max (probably not because of maximum skin stretch isn't that high). after that we juts need to go shopping for bras every 2 months.
I've tried showing her what disastrous results it might have, how much they might going to weigh, etc, yet she still wants them..

I'll guess I'll just have to live with it, hoping she'll get them removed as quick as possible.
She had a nightmare about it completely going wrong, so now she's affraind of getting them, and as far as I know she won't get them. So turned out well, luckally. :)


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  • Woah. That reminds me of something I saw on the news a few weeks ago. Some woman with silicone breast implants (Don't remember what size) was walking on the street when some guy shot a paintball gun. It hit her breast, and the implant exploded/popped inside her breast. Maybe you can use that as an example that breast implants can be dangerous.


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  • If she's underage she can't get it done [in the US], so that's a great reason.

    It's not your place to talk her out of doing something that would make her feel better about her body.

    Just tell her to really think about WHY she is doing it and if she goes through with it, to make sure they are proportional and not ridiculous.

    And it isn't insane in her mind because you don't have to live with such insecurity and you aren't a doctor so it's not your place to make such assumptions about her weight.

    I'm underage also(17, turning 18 in Dec) & I want an areola reduction and no dude is gonna talk me out of it. It's for ME and if it's for HER, then it's not your place although you might have good intentions or whatever.

  • i wanted to get them too but after some videos and people telling me and I spoke to girls who have them I changed my mind for now and they have to fix them all the time and their backs start hurting and just tell her to look at videos how they do it and talk to people who have done it firts and let her know they are going to feel very hard and unboobylisious hahaha..tell her its discusting to look at.

  • the procedure is illegal in the us so its kind of a moot point. you could also tell her the disadvantages of going that big by saying that it makes everyday tasks more difficult. she would have trouble walking through doorways and such which would annoy the sh*t out of me. and if she is like most girls, she probably has a few pounds she would like to shed (even though to everyone she looks perfectly fine) so adding 50 pounds of boobage isn't going to make her feel better

    • I know it's illegal, and I know she is under age, but she's found one of those illigal surgeons which would do it to her.

      about her weight: she's 5'9" and about 110 pounds. That's not all, because she also has dystrophy and fibromyalgia (which are a sort of rheamatism and a muscle disease.

      So yes, I would know for sure her body would collapse.

    • then tape some watermelons to her chest, have her wear it for a week, and see if she still wants them

    • that might be a good way to get it out of her mind

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  • You're under 18? I'd assume your girlfriend is about the same age. WHAT THE HECK IS SHE THINKING?!?!?!?! This is a terrible idea.. She can't be in her right mind.

    If MY girlfriend wanted ANY sort of implant, I would tell her that I love her just how she is and that I don't want her to change anything.

    If she wanted to get huge implants... I would tell her absolutly not. It might be sort of cruel, and would be hard to do, but I would tell her that huge implants are ugly, look fake and that I would leave her if she did that to herself, because she clearly has some self confidence issues if she wants to destroy her body like that. If she went through with it, I would leave the moment she went under the anethesia (or before, probably once she starts to make payments or sign forms) and never go back.

  • Good luck, she will regret it later.

  • Good! One of the stupidest stories I have ever heard in my entire life...

  • I would quarrel with her seriously...and that might be the end of our real...

  • Tell her when they hang to her ankles she might think twice.