What can I do to really WOW my guy in bed? What's your biggest fantasy?

I want to do something that is going to make my guy go CRAZY! We have experimented with a lot of things. No toys yet and we've never brought home another girl. Should I bring home a toy? Dress like a school girl, be really into role play? What is your biggest fantasy?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I recently answered a question similar to yours today. One would be to be given a B.J. while I was sleeping. (look at my profile & look under my answers that will take you to the members question & my answer along with other members answers)

    Second sure toys are great in bed. Go pick out something that you think that you would like. You can do this on line or even read about the item on line and then go to a porno video store. Now don't be embarrassed as they sell these items all the time. If you would like you can simply say that it is for a bachelorette party.

    This is my favorite FANTASY & only a FANTASY but it is R@PE. I also read here that it is a lot of peoples favorite fantasy. I'm not talking anything violent as again this is just a fantasy.

    If the both of you share this fantasy then you two decide how you would like the fantasy to start & the limits along with a safety word.

    Start with the toy(s) & then move along to another fantasy from there, like you wrote dress like a school girl. Everything is OK as long as the two of you agree. Keep that safety word in mind.