Would you send a random guy a picture of your Vagina?

What's up with girls sending random guys a picture of their p****? I don't get it. WTF. These random guys could be freaks or pedophiles. Why do girls do this? Do guys like it?


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  • I don't get it. It crosses a line for me to send that type of pictures to anyone. Yeah, I wouldn't want some random freak my pictures, or any pictures for that. I don't know why girls do it, maybe because that's some sad effort on their part to feel hot, that another male human being finds them attractive (*sigh*) and I'm sure you know why guys like it.


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  • I'd think it really weird if I got one, like, "I throw my cunt at you!"

  • I used to waste a lot of time and money on those sex dating sites. Seeing nothing but boobs and snatch gets boring in a hurry. For one thing, who is to say the pic actually shows off her real stuff? Lots of fakers out there, met a bunch of them too.

    You want to impress me? Show me everything with your face, not just your genitalia. In fact, you don't have to show me any nudes. Men are born with the ability to peel a woman's clothes off with our eyeballs so a nude is not required. How else do you think we came up with computer graphics? Hahaha.

    Don't think I'm just picking on women. Men are equally bad about pics of their shlongs than pics of their face.

  • I would think freaks and pedophiles probably enjoy p**** as much as anyone else. The girls could have many different reasons, maybe they get turned on seeing the guys reaction. Maybe they would like the guy too send them back a similar pic. Why do you care what other people are doing? I can understand if you don't want to do it, but why would you want to urge others not too? And finally, yes most guys would probably enjoy receiving a pic.

  • Because (if they're under 18) they want their 'boyfriends' to be arrested on possession of child porn and be classified a sex offender.

    Ok probably not, but that's what can (and does/has) happen. My brother is a high school teacher and 'caught' a guy with 'indecent' pictures on his phone of his 'girlfriend'. There was a big sit down with the both kids and their parents, and also the police. They explained the law to him (both pictures and age of consent, as she was 15), but also showed him (with a different phone) how even if he deletes the file, savvy tech people can restore it. (This was important, because it was to show how if he deleted it and sold /gave away the phone, others could get the pictures back).

    He was lucky in that the police used a bit of discretion and thought a bit laterally, but as I wrote, some people have been arrested for it.

    So, if you're a girl and you're into this, realise the risk you're putting your Boyfriend in.

  • The only way I would accept this is if I was either in a relationship with them, or we've been dating for a long time.

  • well, I'm a guy, and I honestly wouldn't like it, I have a girlfriend, we have fun, If a random girl sent me one of those pictues I would instantly delete it, I think it would be disrespectful to keep pictures of other girls while going out with someone who you have strong feelings for. Even if your not in a relationship, I find that kinda gross. so, yeah, I'm a guy, and I wouldn't like it.

  • I enjoy a nude pic of a women, if she's decent looking. As for the close up p**sy shot, not so much. I'm not a gynecologist.

  • Where are these girls? And yes I would like it! Any one brave enough to send me some!?

  • i don't want a vag. shot either, but hot pics are nice

  • Send your v pictures to me. And i‘’m not freak or pedophile.


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  • never in a million years. if a man ever sees my vagina, there will be a diamond ring on my finger first.

  • I would send a random guy a random picture of a random vagina - as long as it wasn't my own.

    • Why, what is wrong with yours?

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    • *sigh* If you guys got a pic of my perfect vag - it would ruin all vags for you. It's like the Holy Grail of vags, you know. ; p

    • Hahahahaha.... now I gotta see

  • I would send them to my guy, not some random guy tho. And it would have to be someone I trust, I wouldn't want it used against me.

  • Not a chance of it ever happening.

  • i think that's insane and gross. most girls nowadays have no class and don't respect their body and just want to show it off to anyone and everyone to make them feel good about themselves.

    i can't see how that would honestly make them happy because their just messing themselves up in the long run.

  • I've Done it on omegle before just for shits and giggles

  • Guilty

  • No I would not ever send random guy pictures of my vagina! Any decent guy probably wouldn't be too impressed with girls that do that any ways? Some girls do it because it's the only way they know of keeping a guy interested or the only way they know to get male attention. I usually imagine the sort of girls that do this to be imature, desperate and under the illusion that the men will fall for them if they give the them what they want. I can't believe these girls honestly think that all guys want is sex!There's a lot more to guys than sex. Maybe those girls will never realise that though, because they will only ever be seen and used as a sex object if that's the only way they know of communicating with guys. They will just end up being F***ed then dumped, over and over! Don't blame the guys for encouraging it either they must think the girls who do it are so dumb and no doubt, ultimately easy!. Yes it probably does keep the guy interested for a while, but what guy would seriously want anything other than sex with a girl that was willing to show all before they even met and knowing that she has more than likely sent these pictures to lots of other men, just to get a cheap ego boost that means nothing! Its sad.