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How many girls shave their pubic hair?

How many girls shave their pubic hair? And what age did you start? And when you shave, how many masturbate? For those of you have children, did you... Show More

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  • Well I'm 17 and I shave mine I started shaving when I was 15 and no haven't masturbated when I did it.

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  • I started shaving mine when I was around 13 and no I never masturbated when I was shaving, it's just like doing my make up or my hair it's not a sexual thing, it just has to be done.

  • I started shaving around the bikini line when I was 13ish. I shaved it all for awhile in high school, but it was too much to keep up with. I keep something along the lines of a "landing strip" now. I alternate waxing and shaving. I have never masturbated while shaving. It's part of my personal grooming, not something that I do as a turn on... I shaved when I was pregnant (well kept my landing strip) and unless there is an insane overgrowth that interferes with delivery I don't think hospitals typically shave it.

    • Ok. Did you have your husband shave for you?

    • Nope. I've seen how he shaves his face and wouldn't trust him down there with a sharp object. I don't think it's something that interests him either, however I do know it can be intimate and a turn on for some couples.

  • I keep it bald. I started shaving by age 15 or so. I have never had hair down there since. Yes I do masterbate and no I don't have any kids (yet) lol

  • I shave and I masturbate.

  • I shave because I just can't bring myself to let somebody else wax it for me. Note for all the ladies out there....don't shave your pubic hairs and cut your nails on the same day. As for being pregnant, I just let it grow wild, couldn't get to it to shave it.

  • I started when I was 13 my boyfriend loves that I shave it it always turned him on when it was all smooth I never masturbated while shaving but he did shave me one day then we had sex.

  • I've shaved since I was 13 and began messing around. I love how smooth and soft it gets! I sometimes leave a little landing strip! My men love it too. I f**ger myself quite often or my current boyfriend or friend with benefit takes care of it. But shaving myself isn't a turn on, its a must have. so no I do not do it while I'm shaving. And I'm not prego or have been so I have no clue. Ask your mama:)

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  • More and more girls seem to be removing their hair down there it. It seems to be at least 30%-40% of them, maybe more.

  • I know you're asking girls, and lots and lots of questions some I cannot answer.

    From someone who's been with a few dozen naked women ranging from ages 16 to 35, most do NOT save it all off. Most DO trim somewhat. But leave either a strip or small triangle on top. The older you go, the less into shaving is the general rule.

    Most hospitals do not shave for childbirth. (my mom's an OB/GYN nurse).

    And that's all I'm qualified to answer :)

  • My ex wife kept hers bald untill she was about to pop. By that times she just couldn't reach it at all and ended up letting it grow.

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