Girls, what are the type of things that make your vagina wet?

Like guys know how to they get an erection. but name some random things that make you wet.


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  • A kiss on the collar bone and the way he looks at me. Although I have never had sex, that doesn't mean I'm totally inexperienced and have never been really really horny...


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  • A guy kissing all over me and rubbing my vagina through my clothing at the same time.

  • how do you get erections?

    for me.. if he plays with my breasts..nipples.. clit. Or 'describes' doing so.

  • Kisses on the neck, or even just touching sometimes. Instant.

  • err mine is kinda weird, a guy with blue / green eyes just makes me wet easily lol.

    • very interesting .. you get horned up over eyes

    • You clearly need to get with a guy who has blue-green eyes then. Lucky me! ;)

    • I already have one =D

  • simply making out with someone for awhile will get me excited, and definitely neck kissing, it doesn't really take a lot of effort ahah and of course playy with her nipples and tease her through her pants

  • water

  • Fingering . And only one guy has done it so far(witch is my boyfriend now actually) but playing with my boobs/ nipples ( I don't know not every guy touching my boobs makes me horny, usually just like "what ever.You happy now?" )


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