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Girls: do you use your breasts to flirt?

It happened twice in the last week. The first was with this one girl I've been a bit flirty with in one of my classes. Her breasts aren't that big... Show More

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  • My boobs have minds of their own ><

    I try to tame them, but they just won't listen. Even when fully covered they're just... ugh.

What Girls Said 7

  • Yeah I use my boobs and ass haha

  • Sure, my girls love to flirt. ;)

  • lmfao. It has literally never crossed my mind to use my boobs in terms of flirting. Sometimes they just get in the way and I accidentally touch people with them (<-- that sounds weird :|), it has never been intentional.

  • depends. Sometimes we do use them and sometimes we don't and I don't know how you'd be able to tell LOL

    I have D's and sometimes they touch a guys arm or hand and I don't even realize it and I can't even feel it, but other times I can purposely touch a guy with them to get attention from them.

  • i dont. my boobs are really big (DD) I'm just concerned about them not looking too saggy lol

    I actually try to draw attention away from them but they're always just there.

  • Absolutely! If I want a guy's attention (hopefully leading to a date) I wil go to class with a low cut shirt and short skirt and make sure his eyes are fixated on my boobs. IT works.

What Guys Said 2

  • girls can't control where their boobs go. especially if they're leaning down.

    now if they are flirting, then just enjoy it.

  • Women know guys love boobs and hell the f*** yea they're gonna use that sh*t to their advantage

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