Girls: do you use your breasts to flirt?

It happened twice in the last week. The first was with this one girl I've been a bit flirty with in one of my classes. Her breasts aren't that big but we were sitting close talking and studying for a test. She arched her back like she was stretching, my hand was in front of her, and she grazed my hand with her boob while she was stretching. My hand was kinda far away it's like no reason to touch it at all you get me? She didn't say anything about it either.

Then today at work this girl who has called me cute (but has a boyfriend) came over to me while I was checking something on the computer. She then just pushed her breasts on my arm while she leaned in to see what I was doing.

Friendly or flirting? What are you trying to tell a guy when you flirt like that


Most Helpful Girl

  • My boobs have minds of their own ><

    I try to tame them, but they just won't listen. Even when fully covered they're just... ugh.