How to convince my boyfriend to do anal?

this is going to seem really backwards but my boyfriend and I have been together for eight months and we're sexually active. problem is I like anal and he won't do it. I've done it in a past relationship and liked it. how do I convince my boyfriend to have anal sex with me?


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  • if he still needs convincing even with a condom...youre screwed lol

    you convincing is like you pushing him into it. guilt trapping him and all :/ did you ask him to just do it once and if he doesn't like it he doesn't have to again?

    • i did try that. also said I would do ANYTHING that he wanted in return. still nothing. =( its all I want for my birthday in a couple weeks

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    • well what's the problem with the toy? unless he meant you can use it when your at home? :(

      dont have sex till he gives in lol

    • he meant get the toy so I can use it on him. I think I'm going to hold out until he caves. girls can go so much longer. ;)

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  • For whatever reason, he has a hang-up about anal and simply doesn't want to do it. Nothing YOU do is going to make him change, but perhaps TIME will. It's not going to give you the immediate solution you want, and may never give it, but it's really the only option you have with him.

    It's no different than a guy trying to convince a reluctant girl to try anal. Some girls simply aren't interested in even trying, and pushing them will only make them angry. But many will, over time, get curious, but you have to leave them alone and let them come to that on their own time.

  • Its because the universe hates you.

    And me.

  • Tell him if he doesn't do it you will take a sh*t on his chest while he sleeps.

    • i like my loved ones to go in my ass. not stuff from my ass onto my loved ones. lol

  • Well, I would have to ask...

    Do you douche thoroughly before asking him?

    Is he more of a boob or butt guy?

    Have you attempted talking dirty to him about doing anal "while" having sex? (heat of the moment, sometimes works)

    Frankly I'm surprised he's not willing to make you happy by doing this O_O

    Also you can't be serious about that being all you want for your birthday... because girls like you simply DO NOT exist.

  • He needs convincing?!?! Ohhhhh dear

    • i know right?!?!

    • What's wrong with him?

  • Perhaps you scared him with the size of your strapon? Is he worried that you're going to hurt him? Can you get a really small dildo to show it to him, and go really really slow with him?

    If he isn't willing to try, if it simply isn't something he wants to do... well, you can't force him.

  • His issue might be about you telling him a bit too much about your past and not about the act itself.

  • tell him that your ass is tighter and feels better than your vjay lol and that you would clean him up after. Heck this is so wrong I would love to try it.

    • tried that. didn't work

    • wow seriously I don't know what to say. I still think it would be incredible.

  • Tell him you want anal now or you're going to start doing his friends one by one until he gives in.


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  • I'm not into anal and most of my friends are not but I talked to one girl who loved anal and her boyfriend had never done if before. While they were having sex, she grabbed his penis and put it in her ass by herself. I guess he liked it and found it a turn on that she took control like that. He has liked it ever since so you should try that.

  • If he really feels uncomfortable with the idea, there may be nothing you can do. There are health risks to anal sex- plus there is the whole excrement factor- so it's not hard to understand why someone might be hesitant to try it. I suggest having a calm, undemanding discussion with him about why you like it and what can be done to help make it safe, clean and comfortable. Don't pressure him, just present your argument- and let him know how much you would enjoy it. Give him the opportunity to state his concerns, and ask him if there's anything new HE might like to try. If that doesn't do the trick, you may be out of luck. But there are always other things to try. Find something fun that you'll BOTH enjoy, or at least tolerate.

    Maybe he would be willing to try anal play with a sex toy.

  • My boyfriend won't do it either. No exceptions. He said the thought of it is gross. I also asked for it for my birthday. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :(

  • I can't believe he don't want it. My guy would do my ass every day if I let him.