Natural, trimmed, or shaven clean?

Guys and gals which do you prefer when it comes to your significant others body hair?

  • Natural
    15% (4)12% (3)13% (7)Vote
  • Trimmed
    65% (17)42% (11)54% (28)Vote
  • Shaven clean
    20% (5)46% (12)33% (17)Vote
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What Girls Said 8

  • I don't really care. I like hair on a guy, but shaving certainly isn't a deal-breaker. Natural is perfectly fine and attractive, but if it's super unruly and getting in the way, then the occasional trim is preferred, just for convenience.

  • B.

    Shaved is nice and all but... I can't imagine enjoying it when it becomes prickly ><

  • For him, I prefer natural. For myself, I prefer trimmed

  • Trimmed.

  • trimed for men

  • trimmed is preferred. I don't like it when it gets prickly because then its really uncomfortable

  • if I'm lazy its au natural but usually trimmed. its not like anyone is seeing it anyway though... :/


What Guys Said 4

  • I think I'd say well trimmed. Not to the point of complete baldness, just a patch of very short hair.

  • All the body hair? I dunno, shaven I guess. If you mean pubes, I don't care. I guess overall I don't care, but shaven is nice cause smooth skin to hold and kiss :P

  • I said natural...but it is not that big a deal to me...I have never had a shaved female...but after reflecting..I have decided that probably most of my females have trimmed...after all...they wore swim suits...I will give you a parallel example...even tho I espouse "natural" all the wife dyes her brown hair black...nobody (including her mother) understands why...when we first got involved she let her hair go brown...but it quickly became apparent that it was more important to her to have her hair black than it was to me to have her hair natural & brown...we still had a fight...because she confiscated one of my black fishing T-shirts to mop up black dye...but married couples WILL compromise...or they will divorce...

  • I like a bush. But I have no issue with the other 2.