Do girls have the equivalent of a "morning erection"? Or wet dreams?

Are there times in a day that you just feel horny or wet in anticipation of sex?

Have you ever had an orgasm in your sleep?

Aside from being a guy, I have no idea why I wake up with a hard-on but it never ceases to amuse me :)


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  • well.. as for you waking up like that, you probably have sexually explicit dreams, but you just don't remember them...

    girls have wet dreams too actually. it's more common then you think, but I don't believe I have ever had one... but sometimes I find myself sexually aroused in the morning. during the day that sometimes happens too. but for women, it may have something to do with time. women get horny more mainly around their periods and 2 weeks before their period. but that doesn't always have to be the case. some women are just horny all the time =)

    oh and also it is common and perfectly natural to have an orgasm in your sleep after having sex, men and women alike.

    • I have never heard that before. No I don't get wet dreams or wakeup horny or whatever. Never in my life has that happened. I get wet when I get turned on but I have never had a sexually explicit dream. I have dreamed about guys before but it only involved kissing.

    • It's not as common as guys having wet dreams, but women have them too

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  • Oh I know I've had wet dreams before and they do get exciting I won't lie. (I blame it on my fiance though aha!) Like if I had a naughty talk with him the night before, more than likely I will dream with him doing something unexplainable! Lol But it's not uncommon, it does happen all the time, and it depends on how sexually in the mood you are feeling. Sometimes, it can happen out of the blue. that's also common, too.

    Happy Pleasures :)

  • I have sex dreams all the time, and when I wake up, I feel disappointed.

  • hahaha that's funny you ask. Oh yeah I have sexual dreams all the time and sometimes wake up wet but I have never in my life masturbated or played with myself and especially not in my sleep. I guess it's just part of human nature

  • Yes, I've dreamed I was having sex and I woke up really horny.

  • I wake up horny A LOT and I don't know why sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night I just have to reach for my vibrator lol

  • Hi am a 29 y-o girl, i will tell you what happens to me...

    i´ve had sexual dreams, like i am masturbating but i can´t orgasm no matter how much i try, and then at a certain point i wake up and realise it was a dream, but i am horny as hell and have to finish when awake, its a really weird state when you are a bit asleep and a bit awake... its such an animal moment and orgasms are quite intense!

    the same happens when i need to pee during my sleep, i dream i feel like peeing but i go to the toilet several times and i feel like i have to go again and again, until i wake up and have to go for real. my body sort of prepares me for waking up to do a specific task haha

    and sexual dreams about actual intercourse are more rare, normally they are about a desire of making something, or flirting, or stimulating a guy, is all about lust, but rarely we get to the point of sex... and yes i wake up horny.

  • "Are there times in a day that you just feel horny or wet in anticipation of sex?"

    Yes, all adult human beings get horny unless they are asexual. The human mind/imagination is a beautiful thing.

    "Have you ever had an orgasm in your sleep?"

    Personally I have not, and I never understood how people do...don't you have to be, like, stimulating yourself in order to have one? How could you masturbate in your sleep (I guess it's like sleep-walking...only with an orgasm...but then wouldn't you wake up?)? Maybe you could answer that one for me, hehe..

    "Aside from being a guy, I have no idea why I wake up with a hard-on but it never ceases to amuse me :)"

    It is quite amusing to me too. I know it has to do with increased blood flow to the d*** during R.E.M. The mysteries of sleep...

    As a side note, the ancient Chinese considered waking up with a hard-on to be a sign of fertility. Certainly it is one aspect of male fertility :)

  • Yes and yes.

    Certain times throughout the day (not necessarily every day), I will become very horny and wet for no apparent reason.

    I have had sexual dreams and have had an orgasm in my sleep on several occasions. They're not quite the same magnitude of an orgasm while being awake, but still nice anyway. ;) Usually I wake up or remember the dream and feeling later.

    Unfortunately and to my boyfriend's disappointment, I'm very rarely horny when I first wake up in the morning though.

  • Never had an orgasm, but I woke up wet and sometimes with my hand down there. ?

  • I love this question! Dreams like these are rare for me unfortunately but when I do they usually wake me up...

    I have never had an orgasm in my sleep but I have woken up in the middle of the night after an intense and all too real dream and I'm a little sweaty with my heart beating quickly and I'm wet and ready to go. I would love to wake up from one of these dreams and have someone next to me to take it out on but unfortunately, I've only had them when I'm alone so I have to finish it off myself.

    When guys wake up with a hard on do you finish it off or do you hit the showers?

    As to the first part of your question... yes I get wet thinking about sex during the day, especially if I'm anticipating seeing someone. It's distracting for us too =)

    • Thanks for sharing!

    • It depends some times Ill lay in my bed and masturbate other times I might just lay there and enjoy the feeling of having a boner Or I might go into the shower and masturbate there

  • Usually after a dream where I have sex I wake up and I'm very wet and turned on.

  • I once had an orgasm in my sleep and it was A BIG ONE!

    I never thought that was possible...but I guess you live, you learn!

    I just remember having a really really passionate dream and then an orgasm and I was still asleep after that. But I remembered everything in the morning... It was sort of freaky, but I liked it!

  • there are deff mornings that I wake up more hornier then others, usually its because I might have had a dream where something sexual happened that turned me on...its crazy tho I know sometimes ii can actually feel GOOD down there (like a tingle feeling) while having a dream like there's some sort of action going on, but when you wake up obv nothing is going on, so those are the days that il wake up hornier for certain times of the day I think it really depends on what day of the month it is, not to get into specifics lol but I know right before aunt flo comes to town I'm def not in anyy mood to do anything, most girls I know are actaully HORNIER during their period because apparently its some sort of subconcious thing to know you have a less chance of getting pregnant.

    • Lol yes I heard about that one! (About getting hornier when you're on your period.) I've never felt that way for same reason as you. The cramps, the bloating just kills it! I've also heard that not only because it prevents pregnancy but because the blood makes it better. =\ I don't know if this is true but I sure do not want to prove it! Lol :)

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  • Can't answer about the girls and whether or not this happens to them, but I can say that the most common cause of morning erections has nothing to do with sexually explicit dreams. It's a natural reaction by the body to stop you from wetting the bed. The urinary and sexual systems in your penis can't both work at the same time (hence not being able to pee during sex). So when your body senses that you need to pee, but you're asleep, it will switch into sexual mode to prevent you from wetting the bed. Hence, you end up with an erection. And in turn, having the erection usually causes your body to start thinking sexually and you'll wind up with sexual dreams. So as odd as it sounds, the sexual dreams are caused BY the erection, not the other way around. Crazy stuff.

  • nice question dude. and the answer is a BIG NO...

    girls don't have rising sunshine woodies or anything similar to that. it's a guy thing only.

    • Suggest you read the responses above and come to understand, that as men, we can never speak on behalf of the other gender. Their life experiences are so different than ours, and we should humble ourselves and learn from them. Peace.

    • 3mo

      Yes women do get erect. If you were actually a sex god you would know this... Unless you are a sex god with men... I'm not judging.

  • Just as an info. Here finally the reason why guys get a hard-on in the morning...

    If you sleep your bladder is still working like at any time of the day. So in the morning it`s at least 8hours since you`ve been on the toilet to urinate. This urine in your bladder puts pressure on the inner part of your penis ( Yes, there is an "inner part" ) And that pressure causes the erection. A very good invention of nature to make sure that humans reproduce! LOL