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What is the proper finger blast? What feels the best when finger blasting?

Do I play with it first with my tongue. Do I go in and out or move my hands all around?

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  • Most guys think that when fingering a girl they have to stick they're finger in there and that's all there is to it. But for the majority of the time that is not the case. It feel amazing, when guys rub really hard and fast on the clit. try looking at a diagram of the vag so you know exactly where it is. most guys think they know but they are really getting it wrong. here's a link link after doing that for a little bit, try doing a little switching between fingering and rub the clit. then just finger faster harder and deeper. with out hurting her. lol hop this helps

    • Thanks I'll try that

    • Eek!i have to add my 2 cents as a girl--yes, I like clit stimulation, but not hard and fast. I find that painful and uncomfortable. gentle is better for me...which is to say, it depends on the girl!! stimulating the clit is always good though. maybe start gentle and see how she responds as you go.

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  • as long as I'm wet then its ok to go harder... a lot of guys will try to finger a girl deep as soon as they start hooking up. so, I think if you used your tongue for a little bit you wouldn't hear any complaints from us lol

  • rub a little, then try to go as deep as possible =]

    • Really? I did that with a girl (went as deep as possible) and she pulled my hand out, lol.

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