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Guys, do you like when a girl has really long hair during sex?

mine goes down to my belly button basically and do you like to hold it when your in doggy style? or would you rather her just tie it up so it doesn't... Show More

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  • I like the feeling of her long hair on my body. The only disadvantage is when we get rough and it covers her face and I can't look at her.

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  • I always hate it if my hair accidentally gets into a guy's face, and he like freaks out / spits it out and stuff. Super major incredible turn-off. Why can't he just swipe it to the side and continue with whatever was happening, rather than act like he just walked into one of those early-morning spider webs? :l

    • hahaha ye that those always happen but its kinda cute, ys's have a little giggle and continue :)

    • haha happened to me once! totally agree! just move it don't make the spit sound...makes me feel like your annoyed or something and its a turnoff kinda awk too

    • Hehe, that actually made me laugh. I used to have long hair down almost to the small of my back. I finally cut it all off after getting tired of being half strangled by it in my sleep. I guess being used to it would help being with a long haired girl, which I might add is one of the best kinds.

  • my hair is half way down my back, and my husband wants me to grow it a lot longer cause he loves to pull on it in doggy. He absoluetly loves it

  • From my experience, guys like it down. Mine is almost down to my belly button and my guy is always grabbing onto it. I don't like putting it up because it's a big turn on for me when a guy pulls my hair, I love it. I also have a move where I'm about to go down on my guy so I flip all my hair forward and it all slides down slowly on his chest and stomach, he loves it! As long as it doesn't keep going in his mouth it's all good haha

  • even though I'm not a guy and this probably won't help, I love it when a guy pulls my hair during doggie. total turn on.

  • My boyfriend has long hair as well as I do and we both love the feel of long hair during sex but that could just be us

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