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Why do a lot of girls have urges to kiss another girl?

I think that since guys like girl-on-girl action, and porn and everything else tells us all that lesbian action is hot, most girls end up... Show More

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  • I've kissed a couple girls before, when I was totally wasted. I don't think I could do it if I was sober, but other people are different. Maybe there are straight girls who are trying to figure out what their sexuality is. There is nothing unnatural about it, people should be able to do what they are gonna do. And what is wrong with "experimenting"? Everyone does it, no matter what it is. And just like someone else said, just because girls are "supposed" to like guys and vice versa (otherwise the human race would cease to exist), doesn't mean that everyone is like that. My dad is gay, and it's nothing that he can help, that's just hoe he feels. I have a gay friend, and he can't control it. So really girls kiss other girls for many reasons. No need to be judgmental about it, especially if you like the girl on girl action...don't be a hypocrite.

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  • well I think that its ridiculous that you love lesbian porn but when its your girl wanting to kiss another girl you think it is not natural? that is being a hypocrite... if you think it is unnatural than don't watch girl on girl action... some girls like watching guy on guy action get over it and let people be who they are you have no right to tell them what they should want or prefer!

    • It's natural for every guy to like lesbian action. we just do and its not our fault. Just because I think its hot, doesn't mean I should allow my girlfriend to do it. that's stupid. your a dumb feminist aren't you?

  • haha uhhhh I don't think so i have never kissed a girl and do not intend on doing it soonalso, I think girls that are straight just kiss each otheer to impress guys. that's all

  • 1. you are an idiot 2. I have before lol gay chicken

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  • Excuse me, but I don't think you have a complete and utter understanding of every aspect of the human brain or DNA. The definition of something natural I think, is something that comes from nature, and I'm pretty sure humans come from nature, girls come from nature, and two girls making out isn't exactly not within the realm of "nature". What about girls who AREN'T attracted to guys?

    • Obviously, guys are suppose to like girls and vice versa. if it weren't so, there would be no babies and the world would become unpopulated. girls liking girls is NOT natural! how can you think it is? In VERY rare occurences, there's something wrong in the brain which will make someone be attracted to someone in the same sex as them. But gay is not the way its suppose to be.

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    • Who cares about lizards? I'm not for gays because its gross. It's obviously not meant to be that way because two guys can't have kids and niether can two girls.

    • "Meant to be" just because something isn't meant to be doesn't mean it's wrong.

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