If a guy wants to go on vacation with you, does he expect/want sex?

This guy I am friendly with said that we should take a vacation together while I'm single. We aren't like best friends or brother and sister close type of relationship. He probably wants to have sex with me then, am I right?


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  • Not necessarily, he might just want to have a good shot at developing something between you two. You spent so much time together when you're on vocation that you get so many opportunities to make a move, and they don't have to be sexual. He definitely wants something out of it whether it be just sex or a relationship, no one really knows except him. If he has always been that "nice guy" then I think he just wants to have a relationship, but just doesn't know any other way to get you interested.

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      Well it isn't platonic though, right?

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      A few months.

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      A few months is way too short for it to be platonic. 99% sure he wants a shot at you (again it doesn't have to be sexual). Are you going to go?