My boyfriend isn't circumcised, what do I do?

my boyfriend isn't circumcised, what should I do.

he recently made a big deal out of it, how do I help him get over it?


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  • A big deal out of it how?

    It was a VERY painful ordeal, getting circumcized when I did not give my consent.

    My parents just thought it was a good idea at the time. It was VERY painful.

    I don't wish it on anyone. Imagine attaching electrodes to your crotch and getting shocked every time you moved. It was traumatic for me as a three year old and and even at that early age I do not forget the pain.

    But if it's what HE wants, well, the more power to him I suppose. I've had boyfriends "cut" and "uncut" and there really wasn't much difference to me. I wish I had the choice.


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  • > my boyfriend isn't circumcised, what should I do.

    Nothing? Why should you do anything?

    > he recently made a big deal out of it, how do I help him get over it?

    I have no idea. Clearly anyone who would prefer a part of their penis to be cut off is insane.

    Seriously, assuming no medical necessity, why would anyone WANT to be circumcised?

    • I'm not entirely sure. Different sensation maybe. Personally I'm quite pleased that I wasn't savaged as an infant.

  • Madness, it's rare for men to be cut here, rare

  • He made a big deal out of it? I would've thought that he's come to terms with it by now.

    Do you really care that much?

  • Make an appointment for him at the clinic...

  • This could help I think: link

  • get him to the emergency room ASAP, he might die

  • I'd say offer him to talk about it. Find out what he thinks and why. Give him your own opinion. If he wants to really have it cut, why not? It's possible to get the snip also for adults. No great deal.

  • tell him you like it like that or that you don't care

    he's more than just a penis

    that the surgery to remove it is pointless and unecessary

    you can actually lose sensation from having a circumcision done


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  • Don't just tell him you don't care. Show him, by being a generous lover and paying attention to it.

  • Tell him it's natural and beautiful. What did he make a big deal about? The look or something else?

  • I was told by a friend that it makes sex a little more difficult and also, it looks terrible...terrible, id hope to never be in a relationship with an uncircumcised guy. But if you are in love with him already then it shouldn't matter, so tell him that its no big deal

    • Weird, I feel the same about circumsized penises...they look so wrong, with all the foreskin gone. Uncircumsized penises are way more natural.

    • it looks neater and cleaner, I can't even imagine how the skin must get pulled when it goes in. they look like weird ingrown toes