My boyfriend isn't circumcised, what do I do?

my boyfriend isn't circumcised, what should I do.

he recently made a big deal out of it, how do I help him get over it?


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  • A big deal out of it how?

    It was a VERY painful ordeal, getting circumcized when I did not give my consent.

    My parents just thought it was a good idea at the time. It was VERY painful.

    I don't wish it on anyone. Imagine attaching electrodes to your crotch and getting shocked every time you moved. It was traumatic for me as a three year old and and even at that early age I do not forget the pain.

    But if it's what HE wants, well, the more power to him I suppose. I've had boyfriends "cut" and "uncut" and there really wasn't much difference to me. I wish I had the choice.


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  • > my boyfriend isn't circumcised, what should I do.

    Nothing? Why should you do anything?

    > he recently made a big deal out of it, how do I help him get over it?

    I have no idea. Clearly anyone who would prefer a part of their penis to be cut off is insane.

    Seriously, assuming no medical necessity, why would anyone WANT to be circumcised?

    • I'm not entirely sure. Different sensation maybe. Personally I'm quite pleased that I wasn't savaged as an infant.

  • Madness, it's rare for men to be cut here, rare

  • He made a big deal out of it? I would've thought that he's come to terms with it by now.

    Do you really care that much?

  • Make an appointment for him at the clinic...

  • This could help I think: link

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  • Don't just tell him you don't care. Show him, by being a generous lover and paying attention to it.

  • Tell him it's natural and beautiful. What did he make a big deal about? The look or something else?

  • I was told by a friend that it makes sex a little more difficult and also, it looks terrible...terrible, id hope to never be in a relationship with an uncircumcised guy. But if you are in love with him already then it shouldn't matter, so tell him that its no big deal

    • Weird, I feel the same about circumsized penises...they look so wrong, with all the foreskin gone. Uncircumsized penises are way more natural.

    • it looks neater and cleaner, I can't even imagine how the skin must get pulled when it goes in. they look like weird ingrown toes